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As you know, at Streetsblog we are constantly reminding car owners that it is their responsibility not to collide with pedestrians and to exercise caution, which means they must operate their 3,000 pound killing machines at a speed slow enough to stop in an emergency.

Unless that “emergency” is an office researcher wearing a 200-pound beret rushing down four lanes of backlit traffic between two trucks to get to a radio interview.

In the days following the Oct. 29 injury, GOP Mayoral loser Curtis Sliwa has consistently refused to talk about the incident – and over the weekend we found out why: a video of the he incident had emerged which did not make Sliwa look very good. WABC had it and the Post had it, but somehow we missed it until Talia Jane posted a gif of it on Twitter yesterday:

Considering Sliwa’s utter disregard for safety, this may be the only time we’re willing to accept that the driver may not deserve a due diligence summons. May be. (We reached out to Sliwa and only heard crickets.)

In other news from a slow day:

  • We held this busy weekend scoop title yesterday to make sure you see it. The New York Times has done a huge service in investigating hundreds of police murders involving police officers shooting cars because they were said to have feared being run over. The haunting irony of the story: The cops claim they can use deadly force because the car is a weapon – so what about the rest of us who are completely vulnerable to that weapon every? days ?
  • DOT is going to end its contract with the Trump Organization, so now drivers will only have West Side Highway traffic to curse. (Room)
  • Like Streetsblog, amNY has enthusiastically covered the rise of cycling on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • No more LIRR overtime fraud. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Sure, the technology is great, but it won’t reduce our dependence on cars – and that’s the real problem. (NY Times)
  • Queens DA Melinda Katz just dismissed five dozen cases because they were based on investigations by shady NYPD agents (NY Post, NY Times). But this is the same Melinda Katz who opposed an attempt to strip the NYPD of oversight of crash investigations, which are often marred by shady and pro-driver biases, as we reported earlier this year. .

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