West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: security petition after garage attack


Woman says she was attacked in The Whittakerand started an online petition asking property management to increase security. His story circulated on social networks and the victim, Hillary, sent it to us early today:

I was in the Whole Foods parking lot at 9:30 am Tuesday. A woman approached me very quickly, muttering something. I quit like eh? She grabbed my purse and started hitting me in the face about 5 times. I tried to get my purse; she snatched my keys from me and I realized she was trying to take my car. I tried to stop her but she started hitting me on the back of the head with my keys. There were 3 women and a man who saw it all but didn’t intervene. She left in my car with my purse. The cops came but I was a little beside myself and left to try to track my phone. They never even marked my car as stolen despite I called the police later and asked them if they needed any more information or what was my incident number? Just no help and transferred to a non-emergency line and no one ever picked up. I called WF and they told me there were no cameras in the garage.

Hillary said she later found her car herself, near the truck stop / gas station in Detroit SW and 1st South. His online petition is directed to Kimco, the current retail space managers of The Whittaker, and Whole Foods, the largest commercial tenant; part of the petition page says, “I really think we, as a community, need to let large, profitable companies know that they need to do more to protect their customers and customers.”

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