West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: September’s first look at local numbers

At the very end of this long holiday weekend, here is our weekly roundup of local COVID numbers via the Public Health – Seattle/King County dashboard:

*14% fewer cases reported countywide in the past week than the week before
* Currently averaging 349 new daily cases countywide (compared to 403 a week ago)

*31% fewer hospitalizations across the county last week than the week before
* Currently on average 10 new hospitalizations per day (compared to 13 a week ago)

*27% fewer deaths across the county in the last two weeks than the previous two weeks (dashboard does not offer a one-week increment)
* Currently averaging 3 deaths per day (same as last week’s two-week average)

For West Seattle, we have two-week comparisons (the combined totals of two “health report areas”, called West Seattle and Delridge, together comprising the entire peninsula):
*280 cases between 08/15 and 08/29, compared to 371 between 07/31 and 08/14
*3 hospitalizations between 08/15 and 08/29, compared to 13 between 07/31 and 08/14
*4 deaths between 08/15 and 08/29, compared to 6 between 07/31 and 08/14

VACCINATION: Verification of vaccination rates:
*82.5% of all King County residents have completed the initial series (up 0.1% from a week ago)
* 86.8% of all King County residents ages 5 and older completed the initial series (unchanged for a week)
* 52.5% of all King County residents had the initial set plus a booster (up 0.2% from a week ago)

* In West Seattle, we are now showing vaccination rates for all ages, by zip code (reminder, 98106 and 98146 are not entirely in WS), compared to a week earlier:
98106 – 83.4% completed the initial series (unchanged), 52.6% had a recall (unchanged)
98116 – 90.1% completed the first series (+ 0.1%), 65.4% had a recall (+ 0.1%)
98126 – 79.6% completed the first series (+0.1%), 54.6% had a recall (+0.1%)
98136 – 90.2% completed the first series (+0.1%), 67.9% had a recall (+0.1%)
98146 – 78.9% completed the first series (+0.1%), 47.7% had a recall (+0.2%)

TO GET VACCINATED : We mentioned upcoming pop-ups at local libraries – in Delridge (5423 Delridge Way SW), the list includes a Moderna vaccine pop-up from 2-7 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, September 6).

TEST: If you’d like to get tested and don’t have — or don’t want — a home kit, here’s information on West Seattle’s two public testing sites: The city-backed site at Nino Cantu Southwest Sports Complex (2801 SW Thistle, 9am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday this week) and the Curative kiosk at Don Armeni boat ramp (1220 Harbor SW, 9am-3pm Monday-Friday this week). … To report the results of the self-test, this page explains how (click on “What should I do if my test is positive?”).

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