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There was an incredible lack of news on Monday (what, everyone took a five-day weekend without telling us about it?), So maybe that explains why the NYPD was so keen to spreading fake news about the supposed danger of electric bikes. and the “19 deaths” their runners have caused so far this year.

Nonsense! And easily debunked nonsense, to boot, as we showed in our coverage.

MicroMobility.inddPerhaps we wouldn’t be so outraged when the NYPD makes outrageous and mistaken statements about e-bikes if we did not have published the city’s first and only ‘field guide’ on all the different modes of micro-mobility that currently exist (right). NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea continues to be confused about the various motor vehicles on the city streets, but instead of cursing the darkness, he should just read our guide.

Get yours today wherever links can be clicked.

In other news from one of the quietest days on record:

  • A motorcyclist was killed by a driver in the Bronx. (New York Post)
  • A food delivery boy was assaulted (like so many others), the Post reported.
  • The Atlantic has examined why it is wrong for so many officials to believe that human error is responsible for virtually all accidents – this belief absolves them of their responsibility to fix the problem.
  • Don’t forget that our old editor will be joining Nicole Gelinas on a NYU panel moderated by Errol Louis, “The Future of Public Space in New York”. It is noon today. Click here to join.
  • Oh, and finally, it’s still the bloodiest year in Blasio’s administration’s more than seven-year tenure, as the latest DOT stats show:
Graphic: POINT
Graphic: POINT

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