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Stop theft.

The final contest of our month-long March (Parking) Madness tournament is upon us today, and we’re thinking of hiring Nate Silver to help us figure out what’s going on with fans in the 41st Precinct in the Bronx. In the previous three rounds of this tournament, the 41st cops haven’t really stood out for wantonly disrespecting their neighbors through illegal parking, reckless driving, or even defaced license plates – yet every times, voters stuffed the ballot box for the Hunts. Point area.

Today, Cinderella’s ride ends. In downtown Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct, the 41st has finally met its match. Now we are do not tell you how to vote, but you should definitely read today’s series highlight and make up your own mind. Polling stations will remain open until Thursday noon.

In other news from a chillingly slow news day:

  • First of all, congratulations are in order to our investigative reporter Jesse Coburn, who has been with us for less than a year, but has already shortlisted for a Sigma Award, which rewards the best data journalism of the year. Just being on the list is an honor in itself, one that Coburn richly deserved for his story (and followings) on the NYPD’s poor response to 311 calls about reckless driving and other safety complaints in the street.
  • The temperature gave an overview of how other cities are helping homeless people who sleep on the subway. We hope it’s in Mayor Adams’ press kit this morning.
  • I have to hand it to our buddy Charles Komanoff – the man keeps busy. And relevant. This week, the nation printed his call to keep nuclear power plants open. There’s a lot to chew on there, especially since so many other sources of electrical power bake the Earth and enrich despots.
  • The New York City Five Boroughs Bike Tour is going to be awesome in May. (Brooklyn paper)
  • gothamist followed everyone’s story last week on the success of the OMNY rate cap deal.
  • Just in time for New York’s recovery, the subway had a terrible Monday. (NYDN, New York Post)
  • A police officer has been arrested for drunk driving in Brooklyn. (New York Post)

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