Tuesday’s newspapers: Closure looming, Migri bureaucracy and Covid smart ring windfall | News

Finnish newspapers reflected on the Helsinki region on Tuesday by rolling out new restrictions on coronaviruses.

People gathered in Senate Square in Helsinki last weekend to mark the start of the Christmas season. Image: Katriina Laine / Yle

Minister of Family and Social Services Krista kiuru called a meeting on Tuesday with city leaders in Uusimaa to discuss the possibility of further restrictions in the region.

Migri paperwork

Finland should help foreign workers enter the country in less than two weeks while digitizing the entire immigration process, according to the chairman of the parliamentary group of the National Coalition Party and former interior minister Kai Mykkänen say to business daily Kauppalehti (siirryt toiseen palveluun).

In his letter to the newspaper, he underlines the difficulties false caterina, co-founder of the image-sharing service Flickr, had to move to Finland this year. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) refused Fake’s work permit application because she did not have a Finnish employer. However, she was able to obtain a temporary residence permit through her Finnish wife.

Mykkänen said that dealing with multiple layers of bureaucracy makes people feel unwanted, although he says attracting foreign experts was strategic in maintaining the Finnish welfare state.

covid ring

Demand for the cellphone increased after some users reported that the ring showed the first signs of a coronavirus infection.

The company is now working with the University of California to test whether physiological data collected by the ring combined with responses to daily symptom surveys can predict symptoms of the disease.

Time Magazine ranked the laptop as one of the best inventions of the year.

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