A street in 1920s Los Angeles. Credit: Metro Library and Archive
A street in 1920s Los Angeles. Credit: Metro Library and Archive
  • A hundred years ago, when road deaths hit record numbers like today, cities held drivers accountable and built memorials to dead pedestrians. Then the auto industry launched a hugely successful campaign to reframe the problem and usher in an era of car-only streets. (city ​​laboratory)
  • Ezra Klein follows up on a recent column about Democrats’ reluctance to tackle big problems with big actions by citing a case study: New York is dragging its feet on congestion pricing. (NY Times)
  • Summers in the United States are hotter than ever, almost two degrees warmer than in 1970. (The Guardian)
  • Opposition to the Blue Line is building in suburban Minneapolis. (Tribune of the Stars)
  • Cambridge was the first US city to mandate segregated bike lanes during road construction, and now a group of residents and business owners are challenging the law in court. (boston globe)
  • More than 15 years after settling a class action lawsuit, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority still has a long way to go to make public transit accessible to people with disabilities. (Boston Herald)
  • San Jose has an oversupply of parking and is considering eliminating parking minimums for new developments. (Mercury News)
  • San Diego has approved a skyscraper with 443 units and only 52 parking spaces. (Fox 5)
  • The DC area’s famous Capitol Crescent bike path is in dire need of a tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue. (Washington Post)
  • Richmond is seeking public input on the location of new bike lanes. (WRIC)
  • Boulder focuses its transportation efforts on corridors where accidents are most common. (Colorado Daily)
  • A grassroots organization in Columbia, Missouri, is building support for safer streets. (KMIZ)
  • False teeth, an antique cane with a sword inside, a painting of Kung Fu Panda and a bucket of drool are among the items left behind by passengers in Uber cars last year. (Newsweek)

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