Tuesday’s headlines – Walter Smith’s death, a leaked document in Lyon and Daniel’s turf war


Welcome to the Daily Record Tuesday noon briefing.

Top stories you need to know today include the death of former Rangers manager Walter Smith and how a leaked court document revealed the extent of the Lyons and Daniels family police investigation.

Here are the latest titles from Scotland and beyond on Tuesday October 26th.

Walter Smith has died aged 73 as Rangers confirm legendary manager’s passing

Walter smith

Former Rangers manager Walter Smith has passed away.

Club Ibrox have confirmed that the legendary manager and former football player has passed away at the age of 73.

Rangers President Douglas Park paid tribute to Smith, saying, “On behalf of the Rangers board, staff and players, I extend my sincere condolences to the Smith family.”

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Gangland cops investigate 70 incidents of bloody turf war between Lyon and Daniel crime families

Glasgow crime boss Steven Lyons outside Glasgow High Court
Glasgow crime boss Steven Lyons outside Glasgow High Court

A crackdown on rival organized crime gangs Lyons and Daniel, dubbed Operation Engagement, began more than four years ago.

Detectives are investigating more than 70 incidents related to the violent turf war.

A court document leaked by the Daily Record revealed the true scale of the operation.

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Young mother dies suddenly after dropping her son off at school

Megan Creevy, 28, died suddenly after collapsing in her Anfield home on September 7
Megan Creevy, 28, died suddenly after collapsing in her Anfield home on September 7

A 28-year-old mother died suddenly after collapsing in her home.

Megan Creevy had returned from dropping her son off at school when she was seen screaming for help on her doorstep.

Tragically, Megan died of cardiac arrest, leaving behind her partner and three children.

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The care allowance will be replaced by a new payment of benefits in the latest plans of the social protection system

Young Scots caring for loved ones struggled during pandemic
The Scottish government is also planning to introduce a replacement for care allowance, called Scottish Carer’s Assistance.

The Scottish government plans to replace Nursing Allowance with a new benefit payment plan by May 2026.

This follows the introduction of four new benefits over the past year, including Scottish Child Payment and Child Winter Heating Assistance.

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Bowel cancer warning signs and symptoms that you should never ignore

Bowel cancer, artwork
Bowel cancer can be diagnosed at any age.

Over 42,000 cases of bowel cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK.

In fact, bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the country.

The majority of cases occur in the elderly, but everyone should look for signs and symptoms as they could save your life.

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