Tuesday’s headlines: ‘Thunderstorm’ as Met Office issues warning and Covid rules change

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Today’s top stories include; face masks to be phased out as Nicola Sturgeon confirms huge changes to Covid restrictions in Scotland, more weather warnings as Met Office issues ‘life threatening warning’ and ‘sex beast on the go’ which subjected a woman to a horrific sexual assault.

Here’s everything you need to know to keep up to date.

Scotland’s Covid rule changes explained as Nicola Sturgeon ends legal requirements

Legal requirement to wear face masks in Scotland ends

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the remaining covid legal requirements in Scotland will end next month.

This means that it will no longer be compulsory to wear a face covering in public places from March 21 and that the passport program for the covid vaccine will be abandoned from Monday.

But some of the changes announced by the UK government this week will also have an impact in Scotland, particularly in relation to employment.

From testing to vaccine certification, there are a number of important updates since today’s announcement.

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The Met Office warns that the ‘life-threatening’ storm will hit Scotland tomorrow after the chaos of the storm

Heavy snow is expected to hit Scotland from Wednesday
Up to 12 inches of snow could land in parts of Scotland over the next few days

Scotland will be battered by the storm over the next few days, the Met Office has warned.

The weather agency has issued a yellow “life threatening” weather warning for snow and wind for much of the country from 6am tomorrow morning until 3pm the next day.

Forecasters say up to 12 inches of winter showers can fall during the 33-hour period.

Winds of up to 70mph are also forecast to batter much of Scotland which could bring blizzard conditions to the higher parts of the country.

The Met Office also suggested the snow could also be accompanied by ‘frequent lightning strikes’ in places.

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Size 8 woman blocked from NHS surgery for 34HH breasts because she’s ‘overweight’

A size eight woman has been forced to spend her £7,600 inheritance on breast reduction surgery after being twice refused the operation by the NHS because she was ‘overweight’.

Toni Lewis, 27, big boobs were ruining her life, causing excruciating back pain and rashes so bad they bled from the weight of her 34HH chest.

Toni fell into a depression after being unable to find work as a professional dancer because the costumes weren’t made to fit her breasts, which would reach her navel without a bra.

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Take-out sex beast kidnap horror as woman scammed into thinking driver was Uber

The Predator Abdul Samad
The Predator Abdul Samad

A young woman has told how a takeaway delivery driver subjected her to a gruesome sexual assault after leading her to believe he was her Uber driver.

Predator Abdul Samad took his chance to prey on the 20-year-old as she waited for her taxi on a lonely Glasgow street at 5am.

Samad, 39, repeatedly assaulted her as he casually drove his hot food delivery route after convincing his victim he was a private driver.

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Early cancer symptoms hitting first thing in the morning as expert issues warning

Detecting the signs early can have a huge impact on the treatment you receive

An expert has identified telltale signs of cancer that people need to be aware of to ensure early treatment.

Abbas Kanani, pharmacist at Click on the chemistsuggested that the way you wake up in the morning can be a major red flag.

He suggests that any out-of-the-ordinary body changes in your morning routine should be checked by a GP as soon as possible.

Of particular concern is if you wake up with a sore throat that has lasted more than two weeks.

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