Tuesday’s headlines: Scottish airport chaos and America’s ‘most inbred family’

Welcome to the Daily Record’s Tuesday briefing.

Top stories you need to know today include the queues outside Edinburgh Airport, a young Scot who died 13 days after being diagnosed with bowel cancer and a documentary about an inbred American family.

Here are the latest headlines from Scotland and beyond.

Chaos at Glasgow and Edinburgh airports as holidaymakers are forced to queue outside

Mirjana Gavrilović Nilsson uploaded the image to Twitter this morning

Passengers today reported travel chaos at Scottish airports.

Weary punters were left outside in the cold this morning at Edinburgh Airport as they waited to drop off their bags.

Passengers have complained that they were left outside around 5am this morning to queue outside Terminal 5 at the airport.

Twitter user Mirjana Gavrilović Nilsson uploaded the snap this morning and complained that passengers were told to wait outside in the cold to drop off their bags.

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Young Scot dies of bowel cancer 13 days after diagnosis as twin sister slams ‘lack of care’

Ryan and Hope were the first twins to be born in the UK to a transplant patient
Ryan and Hope were the first twins to be born in the UK to a transplant patient

The family of a young Scottish twin who tragically died just 13 days after being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer have denounced his ‘lack of negligent care’.

Ryan Brown was found to have a 15x12cm mass in his intestine along with further evidence of the disease in his liver and lymph nodes on May 1, after vomiting feces.

The 23-year-old’s parents were forced to hear the devastating news during a FaceTime call while on holiday in Tenerife at the time of their son’s hospitalization.

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Filmmaker Says America’s Most Inbred Family ‘Like the Deliverance Scene’

Laita offered to take a portrait for them to place in the coffin of a loved one
Laita offered to take a portrait for them to place in the coffin of a loved one

A documentary has revealed the true life of America’s most inbred family.

Filmmaker Mark Laita spoke about the unique experience, which he likened to something out of a scene from Deliverance.

When Laita first contacted the inbred Whittaker family, he was quickly threatened by their protective neighbors.

However, he was soon escorted down an alley by a police officer to meet the family, who live in a rural West Virginia village aptly named “Odd”, the daily star reports.

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Early symptoms of esophageal cancer including ‘heartburn’ after Andy Goram’s diagnosis

Andy Goram has just six months to live after his cancer diagnosis

Rangers legend Andy Goram has just six months to live after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

The former goalkeeper fell ill around seven weeks ago and ignored the symptoms as he believed he was suffering from heartburn.

He was unable to get an in-person appointment with his GP but was later hospitalized after the pain became unbearable.

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The most trending stories today

11 PIP Myths That Stop People Claiming DWP Support Worth Up To £627 A Month

An older woman comforts a younger woman who is visibly upset and shields her face with her hands
People are often discouraged from applying for PIP due to misinformation about the claims process

There are currently 2.9 million people across the UK who are currently applying for help through Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) and accessing a range of additional assistance including council tax cuts , additional services and free or reduced-price public transport.

Of this total figure, 305,279 people living in Scotland receive financial assistance of between £24.45 and £156.90 a week – the benefit is paid every four weeks, which amounts to between £97.80 and £627.60 £ per payment period.

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