Tuesday’s headlines: Russia issues warning to British and Scottish zoo owner stricken in love triangle

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Russia warns UK will ‘cease to exist’ if Lithuania standoff triggers nuclear World War III

Vladimir Putin pictured at the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum

The UK will “disappear” if the standoff in Lithuania leads to a nuclear World War III, a retired Russian general and military expert has warned.

Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky explained on Russian state television that the West was playing a dangerous game by blockading the Russian enclave Kaliningrad to prevent the shipment of sanctioned goods to the region via the NATO state, Lithuania.

He hit out at British General Sir Patrick Sanders, who this week took charge of Britain’s ground forces and told soldiers to prepare to fight and defeat Russia in a Third World War, mirror reports.

Buzhinsky said: “He doesn’t understand that as a result of World War III Britain will physically cease to exist… The island will disappear, so I have no idea where he where his descendants will live.”

In his message to the troops, General Sanders said: “I am the first Chief of the General Staff since 1941 to take command of the army in the shadow of a ground war in Europe involving a continental power. ..

“The scale of the persistent threat from Russia shows that we have entered a new era of insecurity. It is my singular duty to make our military as lethal and effective as possible. The time has come and it is up to us to seize the opportunity.”

Scottish teacher accused of groping and kissing teenage pupil ‘told headmistress she had no recollection of incident’

Ashley McConnell
Ashley McConnell

A Scottish teacher accused of groping and kissing a student at a local nightclub has told headteachers she has no recollection of the alleged incident, a hearing has heard.

Pupils reportedly reported Ashley McConnell to teachers at Thurso High School in Caithness after feeling “outraged” by her alleged behaviour.

The physics teacher, also known as Ashley Swanson, allegedly danced in a sexualized way with a sixth-grade student at the local Skinandi nightclub in March 2018.

She was also accused of kissing the 17-year-old, touching his buttocks and groin and holding his hand during the night in question.

Miss McConnell, who was 30 at the time and married, admits holding the teenager’s hand but denies kissing him.

Woman found dead in Glasgow flat as police stand guard

Speirshall Close, Yoker, Glasgow, where police cordoned off a flat.
Speirshall Close, Yoker, Glasgow, where police cordoned off a flat.

Police have cordoned off a flat in Glasgow after a woman was found dead.

Officers were called to an apartment building in the Yoker area on Monday evening.

The body of a 35-year-old woman was found inside the three-storey block.

The death is currently being treated as “unexplained”, but is not believed to be suspicious.

Ailing Scottish zoo’s love triangle turns violent as ex-director kicks and punches owner

Michael Knight and Briony Taylor, owners of Fife Zoo
Michael Knight and Briony Taylor, owners of Fife Zoo

A zoo director attacked the owner of the animal center after a love triangle turned violent.

Kenneth Gibney has been named boss of the Fife Animal Center after it was taken over by animal experts Michael Knight and his partner Briony Taylor.

But Knight and Gibney clashed over running the zoo after Briony left her partner and began a relationship with the zoo director.

The fallout led to accusations of bullying from Gibney – who lashed out at Knight in front of shocked staff at the center by shoving him before kicking him in the body.

Growing lists of cardiology appointments at Scottish hospital ‘leading to cardiac deaths’ – leaked NHS report says

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow
The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

A leaked NHS report has revealed dangerously long waits for cardiology appointments in Glasgow.

The Ambulatory Cardiology report revealed growing wait times and rising deaths among people needing treatment at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

In the QEUH catchment alone, 2890 patients were awaiting reassessment and 459 new urgent patients were awaiting review.


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