Photo via Kansas City
Photo via Kansas City
  • Replacing only a small part of car trips with bicycle trips would lead to a sharp drop in traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. (Government Technology)
  • Black neighborhood activists give President Biden credit for at least acknowledging the damage urban freeways have done to their neighborhoods, but they don’t see that changing anytime soon. (Thompson Reuters Foundation)
  • Gondolas have gone from a tourist attraction to a truly viable transportation option. (fast company)
  • A tweet from the Chicago Auto Show has gone viral, reigniting the debate over the absurd and dangerous height of the new pickup trucks. (CHI Street Blog)
  • Environmental documents to complete the San Francisco-Merced portion of a California high-speed rail line have been completed (Streetsblog CAL), while Burbank Airport filed a lawsuit seeking to block the southern leg (Los Angeles Times).
  • South Phoenix organizers are pushing to spend federal infrastructure funds on walking and biking trails to reconnect the community to the Rio Grande. (Arizona Republic)
  • Indianapolis Innovates Purple Bus Rapid Transit Line (WTHR) because an effort to block another BRT, the Blue Line, failed in the Indiana legislature (WFYI).
  • Following a six-month pilot program, Orange County, California is making public transit permanently free for youth ages 6-18. (Voice of OC)
  • The Kansas City streetcar is extending its hours in response to increased ridership. (KSHB)
  • That $50,000 parking spot in Seattle is nothing. In Boston, they go for $750,000. (World)
  • city ​​laboratory explains how a group of Dutch anarchists in the 1960s came up with the idea of ​​bike sharing. We bet they never imagined that, over 50 years later, stolen British self-service bikes would be found as far away as Jamaica and Australia (The Guardian).
  • A European mobility app invites users to take short trips on foot or by bike. (Planetizer)

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