Tuesday’s headlines: Exact time Putin will ‘likely’ use nuclear weapons and the Scotsman who stole thousands of dollars from his mother

Good evening and welcome to Tuesday evening’s press briefing.

Top stories on the Daily Record website include: the exact time Putin will “likely” use nuclear weapons, Scot who spent thousands of disabled mother’s money told to bow your head in shame, and the Rangers B triumph over Celtic.

Here are the main titles.

Exact time Putin will ‘likely’ use nukes as ex-Russian minister speaks out on war

Vladimir Putin will only resort to nuclear weapons if Russia faces an “existential threat”, such as the invasion of Moscow by NATO troops, said a former foreign minister.

Andrei Kozyrev, who served under Vladimir Putin’s predecessor Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, played down fears that the current Russian president would imminently release the country’s nuclear forces.

The mirror reports that international experts are divided on the likelihood of this happening, as his invasion of Ukraine was unplanned.

Scottish guitarist’s arm ‘hangs by a thread’ after horrific electric saw accident in Dundee

Guitarist Keith Matheson’s arm was nearly severed in the Dundee crash.

A Scottish guitarist who has worked with members of some of Scotland’s top bands has described the moment his arm was nearly cut off in a horrific accident at work.

Keith Matheson thought he was going to die after the terrifying incident at a primary school in Brought by Ferry earlier this month.

His rider got caught in a spinning circular saw blade and pulled his left arm through it, cutting just below the elbow.

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Rangers B triumph over Celtic in Glasgow Cup shootout after two Hoops first-team injuries and full-time rammy

Celtic goalkeeper Tobi Oluwayemi was upset about something after the shootout

Rangers B stormed into the Glasgow Cup final after beating Celtic 5-4 on penalties.

And it was rising star Charlie McCann who landed the game-winning kick after Ben Wylie’s effort was denied by Lewis Budinauckas.

Rangers will face Queen’s Park or Clyde in the final after a thrilling 90 minutes of football that ended 2-2.

Scot stole thousands of dollars from his disabled mother to spend on Just Eat, tanning sessions and Netflix

Daniel McDonald in court in Livingston
Daniel McDonald left his mother to live in ‘sparse’ conditions with empty cupboards

A Scottish son who ruthlessly stole thousands of pounds from his disabled mother has been told by a sheriff: ‘You should really put your head down in shame.’

Daniel McDonald, 28, left his mother Jane Knox to live in “light” conditions with empty cupboards, basic furniture, insufficient clothing and a broken cooker.

As she survived on microwaved meals and food bank charity, he regularly pulled money from her bank account and placed orders for Netflix movies, Playstation games, tanning sessions at Indigo Sun and takeout from Just Eat.

Rangers fan taunts Barney in pub full of Celtic supporters with Old Firm prank

Nip’s Inn

A Rangers fan tricked a boozy barney into a pub full of Celtic supporters by asking a youngster to walk through the bar waving a Union Jack flag.

Cops rushed to the Nip Inn in Houstoun Square in Johnstone on Sunday night as chaos unfolded after the Scottish Old Firm Cup semi-final.

A source told the Express that a man enlisted the help of an 11-year-old boy to pull off the stunt.

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