Low density sprawl of single-family homes.  Photo: Inhabitat
Low density sprawl of single-family homes. Photo: Inhabitat
  • As oil companies rake in record profits from high gas prices, progressives are calling for a windfall tax. (The hill)
  • Urban sprawl and inward planning in US cities is a major driver of climate change. (popular science)
  • The White House is enlisting watchdogs to guard against waste and fraud in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure act. (Washington Post)
  • Apartment dwellers often struggle to find places to charge their electric vehicle overnight. (USA today)
  • Transit projects in the United States too often fall behind schedule, and a UC-Berkeley study found that’s because agencies are often understaffed to plan them properly. (Diving into smart cities)
  • California officials have completed an environmental review of a 90-mile stretch of high-speed rail between Merced and San Jose and agreed to renovate a station in Los Angeles. (Streetsblog CAL)
  • With billions of dollars in federal funding available, now would be the time for Philadelphia to revisit construction of the Roosevelt Boulevard subway. (WHY)
  • Twin Cities transit ridership is slowly recovering, but Metro Transit is still experiencing staff shortages and route cuts. (Pioneer press)
  • Residents of an Austin suburb will vote this week on whether to opt out of the Capitol Metro transit system. (American statesman)
  • Boulder bike advocates fear that a street redesign to allow driver access to a new development could make it more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. (Daily camera)
  • Kansas City doesn’t have a great public transit system, but some commuters still use it by choice. KCUR to their stories.

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