Tuesday news, rumors and analysis of the NBA Draft 2022

The 2022 draft takes place on Thursday, and we’re going to have dozens upon dozens of trade rumors and draft speculation swirling before that. We’ve already seen two first-round picks trade hands with Denver acquiring the 30th pick from Oklahoma City and the Dallas Mavericks giving up the 26th pick in a deal with Houston that nets them Christian Wood. As we head into the draft on Thursday, it’s time for a mock draft.

Every year, dummy drafts fuel anticipation of what might happen that night. I love reading them. I love creating them. And this year is no different.

Ahead of Thursday’s draft, here’s my final mock draft, pick 1-58 (Miami and Milwaukee both had second-round picks excommunicated from the draft due to fraudulent transgressions). With the first round we look at the expected picks or maybe even what I think might happen based on rumors and innuendo and scuttlebut around the league. Additionally, we’ll look at the odds of the pick being distributed and the specific needs of the team.

In the second round, we will play a roster, reserve or G League game – in which we will try to determine if it is a selection for a roster spot, to play abroad or to immediately develop into the G League.

(Photo: Kyle Terada/USA Today)

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