Tuesday headlines: Unable to raise electricity rates, Santee Cooper cuts budget

Rising fuel costs have led state-owned Santee Cooper to consider cutting $100 million from its budget. The utility is unable to raise rates for three years due to its role in the failed construction of two nuclear reactors. The utility has not identified where the cuts will be made, but layoffs or job cuts are not expected at this time. Continued: PA News

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How SC reacts to Chris Rock’s slap. Chris Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina, shortly before his family moved to Brooklyn. Sunday at the Oscars, the comedian made a joke targeting the wife of another actor. Will Smith then attacked Rock on stage, creating controversy. This story examines how those in South Carolina — and those who grew up here — reacted to the incident. Continued: The state

The program offers assistance to homeowners affected by the pandemic. SC’s Landlord Rescue Program, under federal funding, seeks to provide the same type of assistance to homeowners across the state that SC Housing’s SC Stay Plus program did for renters in the midst of the pandemic upheavals. Continued: South Carolina Public Radio

The median home price in SC approaches $300,000 in February. To buy a house? Homebuyers in South Carolina are now paying nearly $46,000 more as of February 2021 and $72,000 more than two years ago, according to data from the SC Realtors Association. The median home price in the state was recorded at nearly $300,000 in February. Continued: Post and courier

Weathers, head of SC Ag, talks about the vital role farms play in the economy. SC Agriculture Committee Hugh Weathers recently spoke about the state’s No. 1 industry: agriculture, which impacts $50 billion a year. Continued: Southern Agricultural Network

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