Tuesday Headlines: Polls are open across SC, Nation today until 7 p.m.


Polls are open statewide and nationwide today until 7 p.m. Across the state, many local elections are held to fill the seats of mayor, county council, city council, school board, etc. New South Carolina law means uncontested races will remain on the ballot, meaning they could face competition from registered candidates. Across the country, all eyes are on Virginia’s race for governor. More: WITV, The Post and Courier, The State, Charleston City Paper

  • Massachusetts court hears dispute over photos of SC slaves. The Massachusetts Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a lawsuit between Harvard University and a black woman seeking to vet historical footage of naked people slaves in South Carolina, whom she claims to be her ancestors. More: Post and courier
  • The SC Ports union is asking the Biden administrator for help with a dispute. The union representing dockers at the Port of South Carolina has asked the Biden administration for help in resolving a dispute over a new marine terminal. In September, a judge at the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the International Longshoremen Association could not prevent shipping companies from appealing to the new Leatherman terminal in Charleston over a dispute over whether non-union members may use heavy lifting equipment at the terminal. The dispute comes amid a shipping growl that has left goods shortages across the country. More: AP News
  • A play centered on the climate, children will premiere in Greenville. Television screenwriter Dorothy Fortenberry will have the world premiere of her new play “The Lotus Paradox” in January at the Warehouse Theater in Greenville. The play asks: What happens when children constantly receive the message that it is their job to save the world? More: The New York Times
  • Statehouse Republicans want the school group to leave the national group. The National School Boards Association has called on the Biden administration to help parents protest mask and COVID-19 policies, describing them as “an immediate threat” to member safety. Now 33 of Statehouse’s Republicans are asking the SC School Boards Association to withdraw from the national group. More: Post and courier

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