Tuesday headlines: House lawmakers pass $14 billion budget in one day

Compared to years past, when budget debates dragged on into the wee hours, the buckets of cash House lawmakers had to split this year were so plentiful that few seemed to have major issues and a passage. quick. There was little debate over the big items as lawmakers brushed aside thornier items like tougher abortion rules or whether a public health card could be used as a passport for the COVID-19 vaccine. The budget, which now heads to the state Senate, includes higher salaries for teachers and other state employees. Continued: PA News, The state

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National, state and local office filing opens Wednesday. The two-week filing period to run for partisan elections in the state opens at noon on March 16. All seven state congressional seats, the seat held by U.S. Senator Tim Scott, and numerous state and local offices are up for election. Continued: Post and courier

Loss of black land, food insecurity at the center of the visit of the agricultural manager to the CS. At a March 14 meeting in North Charleston with Under Secretary of Agriculture Jewel Bronaugh and U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, discussions were held regarding the loss of land for members of minority communities. Bronaugh will talk about equity and food security today. Continued: Post and courier

Charleston School Board launches national search for superintendents. The Charleston County School Board hopes to appoint a new superintendent by September. At its March 14 meeting, three members were chosen to help the board select a recruiting firm. Continued: Post and courier

See that viral TikTok about NCAA gender disparities? SC’s Staley steps in. A viral TikTok video of an NCAA women’s basketball player draws attention to the differences between men’s and women’s tournaments. South Carolina women’s head coach Dawn Staley chimed in and said the problem stems from income distribution. Continued: The New York Times

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