Trevor Mallard’s Farewell Speech – A Broken Legacy

Trev’s farewell speech came hours after his intrusion of Winston was deemed irrational and unreasonable…

Trevor Mallard’s decision to impinge on Winston Peters is ‘irrational and unreasonable’, High Court says hours before Parliament’s farewell

A High Court has ruled outgoing Speaker Trevor Mallard was ‘unreasonable’ and ‘irrational’ for raping former Deputy Minister Winston Peters of Parliament, just hours before he was to deliver his farewell speech .

…his speech was a pat on the back exercise. A Muldoon reference here, a David Lange reference there. A Helen Clark joke or two. Deferential adoration to Jacinda.

He referenced his personal relationships and his regrets.

Everything was quite soft.

I never liked Trevor Mallard.

I respected him.

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But I didn’t like him.

Every time we’ve met he’s been a condescending asshole and I see no way he’ll ever change.

But I respected him.

I thought he was passionate about the due process of democracy.

I think he was one of the best speakers.

I thought he respected the President’s role and mana.

When Labor attempted to gerrymand select committee meetings, it punished them with supplementary questions to the opposition in the House.

He was someone who gave over 30 years of public service and that, whichever party you belong to, is remarkable.

But I also think he’s an unlovable jerk with terrible short-man syndrome that left him with two chips on both shoulders and a jaw-dropping ability to physically “go there” in the blink of an eye. .

There’s no threat that Trev can’t exaggerate.

And it was finally unraveling.

His overprotective nature towards his team caused two huge blunders that ruined his brilliant career.

One was devastating for the individual involved, the other the damage of which we have not yet fully assessed.

His first bane was his baffling desire to get along with the woke children in Parliament with their new definition of rape which amounted to an unwanted hug. Going out and declaring a staff member a rapist using the new police definitions of awake microaggression was an example of Poppa Bear Trev getting all snarky and overly defensive about those he saw protecting.

It cost us $330,000!

Speaker of Parliament Trevor Mallard costs taxpayers $333,000 after rape allegation

Speaker Trevor Mallard cost the taxpayer more than $333,000 after a parliamentary staffer he accused of rape sued, and the National Party now says it can no longer back Mallard in his work.

The figure, revealed to the National Party in a written parliamentary question, includes a $158,000 settlement payment from the president to the staff member, $171,000 to cover legal fees and $4,641.70 for Crown law advice to the former vice president.

Mallard on Tuesday afternoon publicly apologized to the staffer, saying in a statement he was wrong to describe the allegation as rape, and apologized for the “distress and humiliation ” that caused the staff member.

The statement was slipped under the door of the Stuff Press Gallery office on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the Royal Commission into the March 15 terror attack published its report. He did not detail the cost of the settlement.

For the staff member, it was a blatant destruction of an entire career so Trev could feel protective.

The other scourge of his legacy, however, is more dangerous and far more frightening.

His handling of Dumb Lives Matter protesters on the lawns of Parliament has provoked and escalated this violence while recruiting and radicalizing thousands of people!

REMEMBER! By late Wednesday, factions within this “movement” were already turning on each other, with various groups criticizing other faction leaders.

They had been unable to use their number to seriously threaten parliament and they were already leaving due to internal disputes over trying to force the dispute on Wednesday.

It was a protest movement that died out on Thursday morning!

That all changed when Trev got a squirt of blood to the head, got a grumpy protective bear, and ordered the state to clean up the lawn…

… Let’s be very clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

He immediately created a common enemy for protesters by live-streaming a 10-hour nationwide recruitment video!

That weekend, there were 5 times more demonstrators!

His basic basement bitch warehouse psy-ops using water spray and loud music at night that caused riot on the lawns of Parliament combined with his intruding office of Parliament politicians made it a gasp-inducing enormity group fuck.

The reason the wider left is so silent in criticizing Mallard’s actions (as seen in the zero criticism of him in the middle-class propaganda of Stuff’s Fire and Fury) is that many middle-class Wellington Marxists shouted at the police to hit the smelly nazis of the lumpen proletariat because they saw their work-from-home privilege threatened by angry creepy poor browns they claim to care about at Wellington dinner parties.

It’s woke ship lord Clint Smith, high priestess of Wellington’s revival demanding that Andrew Coster be sacked for not speaking out against the smelly Nazis of the lumpenproletariat…

… Mallard’s role in provoking what happened on the lawns of Parliament will never be scrutinized by Wellington’s middle-class Marxists, because he also protected their sense of privilege. He managed to get away with causing all this radicalization without any responsibility whatsoever.


At Helen Kelly’s funeral in Wellington, Mallard stood and recounted his personal trauma following the Pike River disaster, asking Helen, “what could I have done differently to prevent that”.

I fear that the true legacy of radicalized hatred that Trevor planted on the lawns of Parliament has yet to blossom his harvest of malevolence and that he may well stand before another political memorial in the future posing the exact same question.

If I were Trev, I would like to be on the other side of the planet when this poisonous bag of violence breaks out too.

Trevor Mallard – he was half too smart and half the size.

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