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A cab driver hit a cyclist and two pedestrians in a horrific crash on Broadway in the Flatiron neighborhood yesterday, but for Mayor Adams, it’s just another day in the city.

“It’s one of those tragic events that can happen when vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles all come together at the same time,” said the Daily News quoted the mayor as saying in stride.

Just one of those tragic events, you mean, when motorists are repeatedly allowed to drive over roads that should be pedestrianized. Just one of those tragic events that will continue to happen when reckless drivers are allowed to continue driving. (The post office a amNY added another quote from Adams: “We shouldn’t have to accept, and I will not accept, a reality where New Yorkers are dying from traffic violence,” which was reassuring at least.)

How reckless? The Daily News and the Post showed the license plate of the taxi that hit the women, but neither newspaper bothered to check the plates – the car was drowned out by speed cameras eight times and by cameras at red lights twice since November 2019. Kevin Duggan of amNY dutifully reported this information, and also quoted the mayor who added, “Road safety is our concern, and I will continue to work and take action every day to keep New Yorkers and all who visit our city safe on our streets.

He still has a lot of work to do (his comments, indeed, suggest that Broadway needs to be pedestrianized, finally). And Hizzoner was widely pilloried for a tweet that equates taxi and cyclist:

Now, certainly, taxis are frequently operated by several people over the course of a three-quarter day, but it’s worth at least some of the mayor’s time today to find out why a car that’s continually driven so recklessly remains on our streets day and night – just another ticking time bomb that went off (like the one last week in Park Slope and Midtown).

The temperature made several mistakes in his “never blame the car” rotation. The title, “Taxi Jumps Curb…”, and the subtitle, “The accident happened in the Flatiron District…” removed all human agency, which is how car facilitators normalize accidents. And even the construction of that sentence is bizarre, suggesting that the cab had a mind of its own: “As the driver turned left onto Broadway, the police said, his taxi hit a cyclist and veered onto the sidewalk “- we underline.

And for some reason, the Paper of Record only offered this year’s fatalities for the first three months of the year, even though the crash happened nearly six months into the year.

Just so you know Dame Grise, through June 14 this year there have been 45,823 reported crashes, injuring 1,806 cyclists, 3,776 pedestrians and 15,071 motorists, killing 101 people, the majority of them pedestrians and cyclists, according to city statistics. (That’s 277 reported crashes per day.)

In other news:

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  • The title in this job story was pretty awful – why does Queens DA Melinda Katz use a car service, let alone her security team?
  • There is a lot of crumbling infrastructure in this city. So here’s what to do if you see it. (The city)
  • From the dispatch office: There will be a big oversight hearing in Albany on Governor Hochul’s Penn Station plan on Friday. (gothamist)
  • Remember that “community benefits deal” at Atlantic Yards that Bruce Ratner promised Prospect Heights? the same as our old man editor and his enemy Norman Oder kept screaming wasn’t real? Guess who turned out to be right all along. (city ​​limits)

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