Thursday Blog: More rain and a glimpse of the road. -Doug

Thursday Blog: More rain and a glimpse of the road. -Doug

Hope you are having a good week so far. Mine was pretty good, but a little damp. We have yet another day of showers and scattered thunderstorms, but nothing strong or severe. Look how much rain we saw.

Luckily, we’re going to really dry out the next few days once we get past Thursday. We will still have scattered showers on Thursday.


By evening most of them will be on the Missouri side and will begin to leave the area.


Then we clear out and Friday is looking good!


Even though I don’t see any severe weather over the next week, we still have about 3 weeks of official severe weather season left. Here’s a look at low threats by the middle of next week.

All the month

The long term forecast is below.


Thursday – next Saturday: Warm with a few scattered thunderstorms Thursday and still a slight chance Friday and Saturday.

June 5-11: Warm all week. Slight chance of storm Sunday. Watch for a slight chance of a T-storm on Tuesday and a better chance of a T-storm on Wednesday. Both days could have a severe threatens. We will be watching for further light storm risks and a severe threat for Friday and Saturday.

June 12-18: Warm Sunday before warming up Monday through Wednesday. Hot from Thursday to weekend. Slight chance of storm with a severe threatens Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll have a better chance of storming with another severe threatens for Thursday before drying up for the weekend.

June 19-25: With the exception of a hot Tuesday, which was mostly hot for the week. We will have a slight chance of a storm with a possible severe threatens on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

June 26-July 2: A hot start with a hot midweek and hot weekend. Scattered thunderstorms Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday.

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