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It was an incredibly slow news day as New York emerged from the weekend storm. Or fix that: Pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and people with disabilities dug by the storm and motorists have made their merry way.

We spent most of the day tracking the myriad attacks on non-drivers:

But the worst example of the city’s continued discrimination against pedestrians and people with disabilities can be found in this single minute video from the Bowery (below the photo):

In just a minute you hear a police officer mocking the woman in the wheelchair (“I don’t have a shovel…I can’t get my feet wet”), you watch the woman need the help of a Good Samaritan, and then you watch helplessly as she’s forced to weave through traffic just to cross a street. During this time, each driver accelerates.

In other news:

  • 15 Minutes to Shame: Fast-food grocery company Jokr is in talks to sell its New York business. What a surprise. (Information)
  • Snow was worse on Long Island and as a result Long Island Rail Road service was uncertain Monday. It is expected to return in full on Tuesday, daily news reported.
  • Mayor Adams has shuffled the cards in hopes of fighting climate change and environmental injustice. (amNY)
  • As we predicted, Council Member Erik Bottcher would push the Adams administration to do better on waste. (gothamist)
  • Check out wacky new congressional districts, including the “Jerry”-mander for Rep. Nadler and the Staten-Island-at-Park-Slope district created to get Max Rose re-elected to his old seat (but our old editor is getting mocking the “Thin Blue Line-Green New Deal” neighborhood because it puts conservative Rock Dems in the same neighborhood as the Park Slope Food Coop). (gothamist, The city)
  • The temperature gave an explanation on the push to complete the Harlem segment of the Second Avenue subway.
  • the new yorker took a ride with the two guys competing to use each Citi Bike station.
  • And, finally, the folks at Superpedestrian, the micro-mobility company, told us that they just raised tens of millions of dollars to scale a product they call “Pedestrian Defense” that keeps their vehicles off the fucking sidewalk (The Boston Globe covered it). They even sent an awesome GIF to show how well it works:
Gif: Superpedestrian
GIF: super-pedestrian

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