The day – Ballot vote for Groton advisor Portia Bordelon on Tuesday

An old friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time recently contacted what I assumed was a message from his political associates, members of the Democratic Town of Groton committee, regarding Tuesday’s city council primary.

It was, in fact, less of a message than a simple defamation of Portia Bordelon, the incumbent councilor of Groton to whom the municipal committee refused a candidacy for his re-election, reversing a long-standing courtesy to support the incumbents. who wish to represent themselves. She successfully applied for the primary.

In this case, the party was trying to shut down, and I guess they shut down, an outspoken adviser who recently became a thorn in the side by breaking away from her fellow Democrats – the party holds all nine seats on the board – to become the sole voice against the controversial and failing Mystic Oral School project.

This is apparently a great heresy for the other advisers who wholeheartedly endorsed the massive scheme proposed by someone with a criminal record of bribery of public officials and no proper credentials to develop what he proposed. Not only did they choose him – two advisers were part of the selection committee that chose him rather than a much more qualified candidate – but they then agreed to an agreement in which they took the responsibility in writing to change the zoning. of property, which they of course can not do.

The lawsuit promises to be epic and costly.

The general manager, who should have been held responsible for this mess, was instead granted an extension of his contract by the town hall. They will undoubtedly need him to oversee their legal defense and continue to block Freedom of Information Act requests from the media and outraged neighbors.

Bordelon, the municipal committee delegate told me, is strong-willed and independent-minded, which have been presented as negatives but which seem to me to be great attributes for a municipal councilor. And then there were the personal insults, which I’ll skip here.

Nothing that I have heard has made me less enthusiastic about Bordelon’s candidacy.

The other interesting thing about the Democrats of Groton that I learned during our date is that some party members seem to be very much influenced by the geography of the city, with some residents of the town of Groton feeling that they should have more influence than people in the rest of town, since the big employers and taxpayers are in town.

It is true that the city council seemed surprisingly deaf to the noisy and continuing agitation from the neighbors regarding the oral school project. It’s almost as if the party has calculated that the mystical voters don’t matter, that they might approve a huge and unpopular project in this part of town, as long as it generates more tax revenue for it. everybody.

I hope Bordelon will prove that this political strategy is wrong, as there is no doubt that many mystical voters are expressing outrage at what has been forced upon them, an overworked development by someone with no relevant experience and a troubling criminal past.

But every voter in the city, not just the people who live near the proposed project, should be alarmed at how the Groton Democrats who run the city have performed here.

The best way to do that is to give Bordelon, the outspoken biracial woman who has been punished, denied the benefit of a long-standing policy giving incumbents the right to represent themselves, a resounding victory on Tuesday.

It’s easy. Vote for her, leave the other nine on the ballot to fend for themselves. Eight of them will qualify for the November ballot anyway, even if Bordelon wins big.

If enough people vote by ball, only vote for Bordelon, she will skyrocket to the top of the top winners list.

I can think of more than one of the other advisers I would like to see eliminated from the race on Tuesday.

First, there is the chairman of the city committee, Conrad Heede, one of the councilors who served on the panel that chose the unqualified developer. Heede wrote in a subsequent email to the city manager that they should stop promoting the project, not because of the developer’s troubling criminal past, but because the opposition was organized and was a political obstacle.

I would also like to see voters reject David McBride, the CFO of New London. The New London charter obliges him, as head of department, to live in New London. I find it particularly arrogant not only to ignore this demand, with the consent of the mayor of the city, but also to rub everyone’s nose on it by standing for election in another city.

We will know by Wednesday who will be left behind. There may be another herd thinning in November.

Hopefully Bordelon has a head start. It is a good opportunity for all voters to reward qualities such as willpower, outspokenness and independence of mind.

This is the opinion of David Collins.

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