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We were getting tweets all day about the awful morning commute, thanks to Con Ed’s power outage, but, oddly enough, only amNY and gothamist covered the hell underground.

But if you were on social media, you knew everything you needed to know. Assemblyman Bobby Carroll was pissed off more than most, tweeting:

Carroll fought trolls…

…but got the backing of our old editor, who watched helplessly (spying!) as his son missed his ferry to Governors Island High School, even though the child had left his Windsor Terrace apartment 40 minutes earlier (“Forty minutes!” the old man thundered in our Tribeca newsroom all day). Of course, our editor couldn’t help but highlight the growing movement for the NYC Ferry to offer free trips from Red Hook to Harbor School students:

In other one-day news with so little news that we are forced to write the seniors’ commutes and their commute tweets:

  • the Daily News and the post office had more details on the victim of this mannequin who was making donuts.
  • Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso got Job to drive with an expired registration and park with an expired city-issued parking permit. (Hats off for a big lede tabloid.) We had decided not to make a fuss because the Beep had apologized quite openly on Twitter a day earlier:
  • Mayor Adams says fare-beaters should be prosecuted – a jab through the supposedly ‘soft’ arc over Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s ‘crime’ who the post office just ate.
  • Call it Revenge of Car Culture, but on Monday, two lawmakers we’ve had a big crush on this year — Councilman Bob Holden (thanks to his recent plea for safer streets and for NYPD officers to stop harassing 311 callers) and State Sen. Jessica Ramos (for her continued support of transit and cargo bikes) – betrayed the movement. Holden told the DOT that he doesn’t want Citi Bike docks taking up “parking” spaces, and Ramos used a smiling emoji – a smile emoji!!! — to describe his experience of driving a car for the first time in years:
  • There is still time to vote for the first contest of our borough final of our March (Parking) Madness tournament. Click here to read the Queens game. The polling stations are open until noon tomorrow. The Brooklyn borough final was released early Tuesday morning.
  • The city had a horrific story about how much public space (albeit in the air) the next generation of LinkNYC kiosks will take up. And you thought the existing kiosks were great! Here is a picture:
Photo: Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.
Photo: Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

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