Sharpen Your Pencils Edition – Streetsblog New York City

The sudden return of seasonal weather is always accompanied by the sound of the pencil sharpener in the Streetsblog newsroom and old reminders from our old editor that pens clog up on your notebooks once the weather drops below 40 “I don’t want to hear that you couldn’t take notes,” he whispers (he’s obviously too old to know what Otter is).

So we’re sharing this caustic reminder with our fellow reporters before we move on to summarizing the news from a very busy yesterday:

  • Our friends from amNY joined us to cover the DOT efforts at Grand Army Plaza, but repeated gothamist mistaken premise that the large roundabout will one day be “car-free” (Our history was a little more nuanced.) A car-free Grand Army Plaza is about as likely as Mayor Adams having a quiet evening at home.
  • by Aaron Gordon Long-awaited must-read Vice piece on the failure of “public feedback” in the era of Trump is finally out. The takeaway won’t surprise anyone who’s attended just one community board meeting: “The community feedback process is an embarrassing annoyance that brings out the worst in people. It’s also at the heart of why American cities can’t build new housing or new transportation. … The problem with community feedback isn’t the concept itself, but how it’s executed. We do it too often, for too many things, for too long, and in the wrong way. We ask the wrong questions of the wrong people and use the answers in the wrong way. Is there anything more depressing than such a massive collapse of democracy…as it attempts to do democracy?
  • As Streetsblog, gothamist covered the expansion of the Bronx scooter rider.
  • And like Streetsblog, gothamist and amNY also covered the Council’s anti-electric bicycle battery hearing.
  • Hats off to hell gate for jumping on the arrest of attorney Adam White for fixing a suspect’s license plate (to make it readable!). It’s a story that you to have to read (we are also on the case).
  • Jay Leno’s gross car obsession has caught up with him in the worst possible way. (TMZ)
  • The temperature did an explainer on lithium-ion batteries, which we did it a long time ago.
  • Wired looked at which cities had big bike booms in the pandemic era…and which were letting them get lost. Paris and Tuscon are both mentioned, but New York is not even identified. Ouch!
  • Streetsblog (and Queens) friend Peter Beadle is starting the “car-free Austin Street” movement with this petition:

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