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Today is a big day for people who care about bus riders: Riders Alliance, Transportation Alternatives and a host of others will gather at the corner of Northern and Junction Boulevards in Queens to demand progress on implementation “almost blocked” from the master plan of the streets.

The 2019 law requires the Adams administration to build 30 miles of protected bike lanes and paint 20 miles of bus lanes this year, which won’t happen (as Streetsblog reported earlier this month). So far, according to TA and Riders Alliance trackers, the city has only done 15 km of cycle paths and 5.4 miles of bus lanes.

Time is running out, with the end of the painting season almost upon us. Our very own Julianne Cuba will be reporting live from the intersection of Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and Corona.

But until then, here is the summary of yesterday’s news that you could use:

  • The big story of the day was the price increase of Citi Bike. However the company wants to run it, the decision to change the way non-Manhattan e-bike rides are billed is tantamount to a massive increase in cost for annual members. Streetsblog and amNY covered.
  • hell gate a fun photo from the annual Bike Kill.
  • Why is Mayor Adams denying what former Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams demanded: ferry service to Canarsie? (The city)
  • Likely future Assemblyman Juan Ardila has championed more trains for Queens in an editorial from the Daily News.
  • Speaking of the news editorial page (hi, Mike! Hi, Josh!), Alex Duran had a good piece connecting New York’s garbage problem to its supposed crime problem.
  • The MTA has entered the Hochul Protection Program as it shills Mayor Adams’ raise in Subway Cops (New York Post, amNY). Of course, Hochul is also doing himself a disservice in the eyes of the recording tabloid.
  • And let’s finish with some fun Halloween videos, made possible (mostly) thanks to the open streets:

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the date when the MTA failed to open a keyed door at the Times Square shuttle station.

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