Pete Alonso Edition – Streetsblog New York City

Yesterday’s big news was Mets star Pete Alonso’s announcement that a driver ran a red light and crashed into the slugger’s Megaford, which then apparently flipped over three times, he said. declared.

Predictably, the local media played it off as a simple sports story, when in fact the horrors of road rage (like all street rage) should be front-page news.

the Daily News and amNY did some sloppy first takes that didn’t even provide details of the accident, then dropped the story. The post office did the samebut then added a sidebar from the perspective of Alonso’s wife, Haley, who watched the crash from another car.

The Times blew it for fear the car-loving newspaper would be forced to acknowledge that bad things happen behind the wheel.

Only Dave Colon of Streetsblog – himself a Metropolitans aficionado – reported the story with the integrity, wit and depth befitting his selling point and the seriousness of a story that was simply lost. for his traditional colleagues.

In other news from a super slow news day:

  • Some papers (New York Post, gothamist) gave you some minor initiatives left out of the single state legislature budget, but only Dave Colon of Streetsblog got the real story.
  • Here are the only people who have a legitimate beef on high gas prices. (New York Post)
  • Street vendors are holding a “sleep” outside Governor Hochul’s office to demand the state lift the city’s cap on vendor permits. (amNY)
  • gothamist is the latest outlet to demand public welfare for electric car owners. Will the media never learn? Cars are ruining cities.
  • Joco opted for delivery rather than self-service bikes. (Tech Crunch)
  • Big sites think like. Hours after posting Eve Kessler’s story about an RV that remains parked on a downtown street, Room delivered the hunter: the family who lives there feel so harassed by their parking-obsessed neighbors that they are leaving.
  • Finally, you still have a few hours to vote in our regional March (Parking) Madness Manhattan contest, pitting the Central Park Precinct against the 24th Precinct. Polls close at 11:59 p.m. (and he’s a nail biter). And this morning we released our second Battle of Brooklyn, pitting the 69th Ward against the 83rd Ward. Polls close Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.

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