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In case you missed it, Mayor Adams (or, more specifically, a group called “NYC Speaks”) is asking New Yorkers to fill out a survey about what they want him to do and how they want him to he does.

Never mind that Hizzoner ran a spirited campaign with numerous extremely detailed political documents, he now wants you — through the new civic group NYC Speaks — to lead him. fear is reported on the investigation at the end of last week. Responses are expected by January 28.

What is NYC talking? It’s not clear on the website, but the group describes itself as “an epic effort to bring together tens of thousands of New Yorkers from all walks of life to inform the priorities and policies of the new mayor, his administration and of the future of New York”. City. We are a network of civic and community partners deeply invested in building a better city for all of us. None of the “partners” involved are named, except one: the Goodnation Foundation, which advises philanthropists on how to give (to learn more about the group, go to his website, his list of board members, or of this article Forbes 2018).

Complete the survey here (it will take you about 20 minutes to complete if you take it seriously). Survey topics are broad: arts and culture, civic engagement, education and youth development, racial equity and justice, public safety, economic vitality and workforce development, climate and infrastructure, gender justice , Health and Welfare, and Housing and Neighborhoods (which even asks about the Good Cause Eviction Bill, made famous in a must-see Times video by comedian and housing activist Jeff Seal).

Only two questions from the entire survey hit Streetsblog’s wheelhouse – “What new or improved public infrastructure investments would you most like to see in your neighborhood?” and “Which of the following would help you get around the city better?” (It’s worth filling in, Streetsblog readers, because one of the choices is “More parking spaces for cars.”)

In other Martin Luther King Jr. holiday news:

  • A yellow school bus driver killed a teenager and continued on his way to Brooklyn on Monday (NYDN, New York Post), but was later arrested (New York Post).
  • The temperature did a deep dive on that came back in the subway. What diving depth? Well, that’s the lede, “The sun rises on a weekday in New York, and in a Queens subway station, the daily grind looks like its old self: Thousands of people crowd onto an open-air platform above a bustling neighborhood, waiting in the cold to cram into rush-hour trains to work, school and other essential appointments. are excellent, however.
  • Mayor Adams doubled down on his previous comments about the city’s fleet shrinkage by suggesting his MTA council picks would be better off using the subway instead of cars. (amNY)
  • People lose their shit on a Youtube video — made by the Quebec government, no less! – designed to shame pedestrians into crossing safely by depicting them being run over by motorists. It’s the classic “blaming the victim” approach, as if it were directed by Wes Craven. (Trigger warning.)
  • Speaking of gruesome videos, check out this Tesla driver speeding and getting spooked by another driver – and losing control and nearly killing a man.
  • And, finally, here it is, your weekly car wrecking porn:

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