• Law enforcement agencies across the country are targeting Hispanic drivers for traffic stops and covering it up by listing them as “white” on reports. (ProPublica)
  • The House version of the Build Back Better law includes benefits for bicycle commuters and tax credits for electric bicycles. (Bicycle retailer)
  • US DOT has awarded $ 1 billion in grants for 90 projects in 47 states, such as a bike path in Seattle and a new multimodal hub in Charlotte. (Reuters)
  • A DOT cheat sheet shows how the infrastructure bill will benefit each state. (Public transportation)
  • Transit in Missouri will receive $ 674 million over five years. (Missouri weather)
  • While in Phoenix on Friday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a $ 158 million grant to expand the light rail. (ABC 15)
  • A Milwaukee man drove his SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade on Sunday night, killing five people and injuring 48, many of them children. Darrell E. Brooks Jr., 39, was out on bail following an incident earlier this month in which he was accused of running over a woman in a parking lot. He faces five counts of first degree intentional homicide. (CNN)
  • Supporters of the LA Metro light rail extension in San Bernardino County envision California’s $ 31 billion budget surplus. (Daily bulletin)
  • A member of the Cincinnati city council wants to expand the city’s streetcar. The route is currently only three miles long. (Fox 19)
  • Des Moines is converting two downtown streets from a one-way to a two-way street, which should slow drivers down, and add bike lanes. (Register)
  • This YouTube video from Not Just Bikes explains why the Dutch emphasis on walking, cycling and public transport also makes life easier for drivers.
  • Honda is testing technology in Japan that allows cars to text pedestrians and tell them to step aside (Jalopnik). So where is the technology that pedestrians can use to tell cars to slow down?

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