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We got up late watching the NBA Finals last night, and between us marveled at Andrew Wigginswe were stunned by (as an advertiser might put it) an 8-0 streak of some of the worst car ads we’ve ever seen.

All of the most offensive ads were here: Toyota Capstone ad featuring the sleek man driving a gargantuan assault truck for coffee with his bike buddies, who remark that he’s upped his “game”. The guy’s answer? “Game? Over.” (That was former announcer Tom Flood recently picked up in Streetsblog.)

This was followed by a of the two Kia commercials where people do good for the environment or their neighbors (even though their cars are destroying the environment and making us all less neighbors).

And this was followed by Nissan advertisingfeaturing Brie Larson saying, “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the ride” (never mind her fun making the exciting future less likely to happen).

When are we going to ban car ads on TV like we once banned cigarette ads?

In other news:

  • Bronx weather had a great story about an NYPD cop who lied about stealing his car to cover his tracks after he ran another driver over Major Deegan. With cops, low-level corruption always starts with cars.
  • Welcome to the war against cars, New York Post: The benchmark tabloid has finally noticed that delivery trucks are double parking everywhere. But was there a word in the story about Why do delivery people have to park on the street? Of course not – the New York Post has never encountered a car taking up virtually all the curbside space in every town in the city it couldn’t love.
  • OK, if it wasn’t over already, the honeymoon is really over now: Mayor Adams wants Governor Hochul to veto a bill that would impose a moratorium on crypto mining, which is a Complete waste of energy on a planet that is suffocating from wasted fuel. (New York Post)
  • More support for a faster congestion pricing schedule came in the form of a amNY Editorial by Eddie Bautista and Alex Matthiessen.
  • The temperature finally covered the crumbling Brooklyn-Queens Freeway. Winnie Hu’s story doesn’t add much to the existing historical record, although it makes it even clearer that nothing will be done in time and that we will likely have disaster on our hands. David Meyer of the Post followed and got to the point faster.
  • Upper East site had more on the bizarre dispute over the MTA’s ultimate upgrade: an elevator at the beleaguered 68th Street station.
  • OK, it’s finally your last chance to get a ticket for the annual Open Plans fundraiser, which is scheduled for Thursday. All the information you need is here.

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