New Year’s Blog: Winter weather! Here is the last one. -Doug

New Year’s Blog: Winter weather! Here is the last one. -Doug

Happy New Year everyone ! Hope you had a good New Years Eve and enjoying the begging of 2022. We are facing the weather and our first arctic blast of the season. What joy!

Winter weather advisory in effect for areas along and north of I-44. The rain continues to increase until the early hours of the morning. At dawn it will be freezing rain in our remote northwest counties.

Early in the morning

Moderate rains continue throughout the morning. Freezing rain in SE KS. We might have a little ice buildup, but I think it will turn to sleet pretty quickly. At noon, that freezer line will be near the metropolitan area.

Late in the morning

The good news is that by then the most moisture will have come out of here. Thus, during the afternoon, very light freezing rain or drizzle mixed with some ice pellets.

Late afternoon

At the end of the afternoon. Just very light sleet and light snow. Temperatures drop quickly, so if the roads are wet they will freeze over. Watch out for that. Overnight a small patch of very light snow will pass through.

Saturday night

After 2-3 a.m. everything should be out of the area. Here’s what I think of the totals.

The amounts

Fairly heavy sleet in our northern counties which will cause some problems on the roads. Everyone, 1 / 10th of an inch ice cream frosting so no problem on the power lines, that’s what I’m thinking right now. Then a dust of 1/2 ″ of snow on top of that. Overall I’m not too worried about this storm system which is great news.

Long range below.


Friday and Saturday next: Warming up by the weekend.

January 9-15: Cold for the first half of the week. Chance of rain and snow Monday and Wednesday. Cold and dry for the rest of the week.

January 16-22: Mostly cold for this week. Chance of light rain on Monday and Friday.

January 23-30: Chance of rain Monday and Tuesday. It could mix with a little snow on Tuesday. Then a cold week with warmer temperatures on weekends with the risk of rain.

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