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We spent most of the day running and most of the night watching DOT present their plan for 34th Avenue, so let’s jump right into the news:

  • Here’s proof that every fatal car crash may not be the driver’s fault. (NYDN)
  • As we reported a few weeks ago, the MTA announced that it is bringing a small amount of secure bicycle parking to Grand Central Terminal (NYDN, amNY). Really, six parking spaces is about 1 / 50th of the immediate need.
  • The Civilian Complaints Commission said 65 cops should be punished for misconduct at the George Floyd / Black Lives Matter rallies last year. (NYDN)
  • Mayor de Blasio said in his morning press that restaurants that do not use their Covid dining shacks will have to ditch them in favor of parking. (amNY)
  • Do MTA’s New Subway Cars Have the DC Blues? (amNY)
  • The Parks Department is not only anti-cyclist, it is anti-hawk, duck, squirrel and owl! (The city)
  • We were happy to see the Board of Health rightly declare that racism is a public health crisis. Now, maybe the city’s board of directors and health ministry can get off the Vision Zero bench and declare the cars a public health crisis as well. (NY Post, Gothamist)
  • Early voting begins on Saturday (locations here), and Gothamist is the latest outlet to offer an election day guide (hint: there’s more on the ballot than vegan vs. mad cat).
  • MTA says its $ 90 million bus command center is unusable because an outside contractor didn’t do the job – meaning the MTA is throwing its bus center contractor under the, uh, bus . (Why didn’t The Post pick this as the lede? It’s tabloid gold, Jerry! Gold!)
  • See you later, slave oligarch! (NY Post, NY Times)
  • Car rampage in Queens (NY Post) and Brooklyn (NY Post)
  • The Five Points neighborhood celebrated in mob movies finally got a city road sign. (6 square feet)
  • And finally, did future mayor Eric Adams say cyclists have dirty laundry?

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