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Our main story today by Jesse Coburn reminds us again of how the city has failed to give our children safe streets, with only about 20 public schools even bothering to use a municipal program poorly administered that allows schools to ban cars on the roads in front of the educational institution.

An earlier survey by Coburn showed how important car-free streets could be in keeping children safe, given that crashes and injuries occur at a much higher rate on roads with schools during busy hours. pick up and drop off.

But all of Coburn’s reporting has been given new context, thanks to a new photo exhibit at the Parks Department headquarters at the Arsenal in Central Park. Titled “Streets In Play: Katrina Thomas, NYC Summer 1968,” the photos by Thomas, then a photographer for the Lindsay Administration, show why safe streets for children are so important.

Remember when you could just roll an old tire down the street, screaming the whole time?

Photo: Katrina Thomas/New York City Parks Photo Archive
Photo: Katrina Thomas/New York City Parks Photo Archive

Remember when kids could do all of these things below on the streets with your friends, learn to get along in the world, develop independent living skills, or just cool off?

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It doesn’t have to be like that! We can create beautiful streets for children. We just have to give them – not the cars – the space they need. Discover the exhibition at the Arsenal until September 4, with a “conference of curators” on July 13 at 6 p.m. The event is free but registration is required by emailing the Parks Department at [email protected]

In other news:

  • The post office rode exclusively with Mayor Adams on the subway for a few hours early one morning, and the overriding theme is that the mayor thinks the city sucks.
  • Could Governor Hochul’s Penn Station mess follow the path of Governor Cuomo’s Amazon mess? (The city)
  • Here’s a Jersey take on the Penn Station problem. (
  • Passengers on the D train in the Bronx will suffer for many nights and many weekends while the MTA makes repairs. (NYDN)
  • The Belt Parkway, which turns into Indianapolis Motor Speedway after midnight, was the scene of another drag racing accident. Drivers need to be reminded: keep checking your rear view mirror when you are on this road! (amNY)
  • Several outlets covered the mayor’s sanitation announcement yesterday, but only Streetsblog put into perspective how little Hizzoner is putting into the pilot program to get trash bags off the sidewalk. (New York Post)
  • Conservatives are hoarding President Biden’s misguided gas tax holiday. (city ​​newspaper)
  • Jose Martinez told a great story about surfing on the subway The cityand the Job followed.
  • Oonee, the bike parking folks, unveiled some additional news yesterday. (The Brooklyn Paper)
  • From the dispatch office: Tuesday at 2 p.m. we finally have a transportation committee hearing at the city council (the last one has been deleted) – and it’s a doozy. Not only Carlina Rivera greenway maintenance bill get a hearing, but Speaker Selvena Brooks-Powers will undertake a monitoring hearing on the management of public space, which is sort of our thing.
  • Speaking of audiences, our Open Plans colleague Jackson Chabot (along with Elizabeth Goldstein and Benjamin Prosky) had a well-reasoned introduction to the matter in Gotham Gazette.
  • Larry Penner thinks the MTA is a fiscal Titanic. (Public transportation)
  • It’s official: “There Are No Accidents” by Jessie Singer is one of the best books of the year! (Fortune)
  • Besides, it’s election day. Please vote. (New York Post, NY Times, amNYStreetsblog)
  • And the public swimming pools open today! (Fox 5)

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