Incredible Radical Right Quotes of the Week

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Often times we get a lot of what the radical right crazies say because whatever they say, we know they will do what their owners tell them to be in the billionaire class. But this week, their quotes were simply out of place.

First the one and only, a legend in her mind but nowhere else, Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“Do you know what they did after January 6, Steve?” They stopped giving. All the lobbyists, all the big corporations stopped donating to a whole bunch of my fellow Republicans that they used to donate to,” Greene said.

“They said, ‘Oh no, we can’t support you because of the big lie,’ or whatever they want to call it,” she continued.

“There are going to be investigations to come,” added Greene. “And there should be. There certainly should be, because the way corporations have behaved, I’ve always called corporate communism.

But that was not all. Read this response Greene had for an elderly woman on abortion:

During a phone show Monday night, Greene was confronted by a woman who told her, “My body is my body and I don’t want the government telling me what I can do with my body.” Based on his voice alone, the caller sounded like an elderly person and although his age was obviously irrelevant, Greene insisted it was. “Madame, do you have children soon? she asked, not pausing for an answer. “That’s my question, I’m asking a legitimate question.” She then insisted that ‘abortion is murder’ before returning to her premise that the caller should not be able to voice his opinion as she may not be ovulating anymore. “I don’t think you’re having kids anytime soon,” Greene said. “So I appreciate your interest in women’s rights, but killing an unborn baby is not a woman’s right and it’s not a health issue.”

Uh, MT, if a woman who can’t have a baby shouldn’t have a say in abortion, what about all those men out there who I’m pretty sure can’t having a baby either?

But what about that real gem of a true radical Republican and TV doctor, Dr. Oz, on who should have a say in abortions:

In the only debate in the highly-watched Pennsylvania Senate race on Tuesday night, Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz said women, doctors and “local political leaders” should decide whether a woman can have an abortion.

Uh, what’s the F—? Dr. Oz, are you crazy? Of course, it looks like it.

Finally, here’s one from the worst vice president of all time – the pathetic but far-right radical Mike Pence:

Host Larry Kudlow told Pence that “far left progressives… won’t allow God into the conversation, won’t allow religion into the conversation. Not just conversation, schools, communities, the workplace…I mean, no one is allowed to talk about the Ten Commandments or the importance of moral values.

Pence waited a bit — perhaps to see if Kudlow was actually going to ask a question — and replied, “Well, the radical left believes religious freedom is religious freedom. But it’s nothing that America’s founders ever thought of or that generations of Americans have fought to defend.

Eh? As I have always understood, freedom of religion gives everyone their choice, which includes “none”. So if the worst happens and old Mikey becomes president we will have to choose from the 5000 TRUE! religions in the world. I can just create my own based on people sending me money in return for vague promises to do something good for them. Seems to be a winning formula.

I would like to think that these are really fringe figures in the American landscape. I would like to think so, but these are all people who are at the very heart of radical Republican thinking these days. They’re just jesters who want to rule our lives,

Unfortunately, there are Iowa versions of these clowns — Grassley, Reynolds, Nunn, Hinson, Feenstra, Miller-Meeks — and they’re running for office.

Be careful when voting. Vote for people who are in touch with reality and who will work for the people, not someone who will impose their radical ideas on us.

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