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  • The Environmental Protection Agency reverses the Trump administration’s reduction in fuel efficiency requirements and goes even further, lowering the average mileage from 32 miles per gallon to 40 in 2026, which should encourage manufacturers automobiles to sell more hybrid and electric vehicles, and stop 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. (CNN)
  • Amtrak will use part of its $66 billion in funding from the infrastructure bill to fix outdated tunnels and bridges that are bottlenecks in the Northeast Corridor, its busiest routes. (New York Times)
  • Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is lobbying DC for infrastructure funds to bury I-30 and for Vision Zero projects. (Magazine D)
  • King County’s long-range plan for transit in the Seattle area is shifting the focus of suburban commuters to historically underserved communities. (Diving into smart cities)
  • As the Transportation Bureau faces a $26 million budget shortfall, Portland officials are considering a parking surcharge that would fund climate and equity programs. (Portland Bike)
  • Drivers have killed 22 cyclists and 204 pedestrians in New Jersey this year, the most since 1989. (WHY)
  • Two Washington, DC City Council bills would make the streets around schools safer for children. (DCist)
  • Tulsa’s nonprofit bike share This Machine is facing a spike in theft and vandalism. (KJRH)
  • Electric scooter company Lime is expanding in the Middle East. (CNBC)
  • The European Union proposes that all new buildings be pre-wired for electric vehicle charging stations. (clean technique)
  • Uber is working with a UK startup to design a battery-powered taxi and make drivers foot the bill for its greenwashing. (Jalopnik)
  • While other cities have banned or restricted cars in certain areas, a Berlin group is pushing to make it the first major city to be car-free in a massive 55-square-mile swath of the German metropolis. (Yes! Magazine)

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