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This is our December donation campaign.  Your donation helps us make important stories.  So please click on this link or the icon above.
This is our December donation campaign. Your donation helps us do what we do. Please click on this link or the icon above.

We’re still in our December Giving Campaign, so it would be wrong to open the daily headlines without a) reminding you of said Giving Campaign and b) honoring the kind and generous (and gorgeous!) Hours. So here are some heartfelt thanks to you, Ryan, Choresh, Carla, Jonathan, Justin and Michael!

And the rest of you, we hope to have won your support for another year. In case you need a refresher on what we’ve done so far in 2021, here’s a recap. And one more promise: your donations will be never be used to redesign our website with pop-up ads or autoplay videos that annoy readers of The Daily News, amNY, The Post and even The Times. It’s not going to happen on this site, folks.

OK, on ​​the news!

  • We were happy to see WNYC / Gothamist cover the start of DOT’s Dangerous Vehicle Reduction Program, but we broke the story here. (No connection, no love, Gothamist?)
  • Kudos to Guse at Newsuh for humanistically looking at the increase in homelessness on the subway and not turning into a tabloid-style call for a crackdown.
  • Outrage: Two NYPD agents whose pursuit of a motorcyclist resulted in the deaths of the biker and his girlfriend ended up making a plea deal to keep their cop jobs. They will both end up losing only 20 days of vacation. (NYDN)
  • A street vendor was stabbed in a robbery. (New York Post)
  • Former Staten Island rep Max Rose seems to be looking for some help from his friend Gerry (you know, Gerry Mander). (New York Times)
  • Credit is Due: DOT has improved the lives of tens of thousands of bus passengers in Soundview with new dedicated bus lanes. (Public transportation)
  • DoorDash is entering the 15-minute grocery delivery industry, which DoorDash says not lead to more delivery people doing more work faster because the new DashCorps is different from Restaurant Delivery Dashers. Kirstyn Brendlen’s story in amNY was pretty comprehensive. Julianne Cuba’s story on Streetsblog rightly focused on the safety concerns of workers… and everyone else.
  • We were also happy to see The Times covering what appears to be a good project to “light up” the long buried Tibbetts Creek, but we were disappointed the newspaper didn’t see the irony: the project will end in a path. green connecting Van Cortlandt Park and the Harlem River behind a target, but this “green lane” is essentially a narrow strip running along the Major Deegan Expressway … itself an environmental issue the Times was silent on. (Other than that, and the fact that the project has no funding yet.)
  • From the Assignment Office: Tuesday night, the Upper West Side Community Board 7 will pass a resolution calling for stricter regulation of legal e-bikes – a resolution (read it here) that our friends at StreetopiaUWS are calling “baseless and unfounded. discriminatory ”and one that“ will not increase public safety ”. (Wait until CB7 hears about cars!) Either way, the action in the Zoom Zoom room begins at 6:30 p.m. Register here.
  • Council member Laurie Cumbo revealed at a town hall meeting last night that the father of DOT commissioner Hank Gutman has passed away. We offer our condolences to the Commissioner and his family.
  • And, finally, our friends at Transportation Alternatives have posted an excellent thread on all the crucial bills city council needs to pass before the majority of its members go into forced retirement on December 31:

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