Georgia Bulldog Tuesday news and ratings

Zion logo laughed that it was a bit difficult for him and the rest of his Georgia teammates to step out of the shadow of last year’s “generational” defense.

Questions about replacing players taken in the NFL Draft are displayed. How many?

“Speaking for me, a lot,” Logue smiled after practice on Tuesday. “I have family members, really anyone. It certainly comes back a lot.

While not what you would call a key figure, Logue has played a relatively big role for Georgia’s defense in 2021.

Logue estimates he averaged 20-22 reps per game for a defense which was obviously a huge reason the Bulldogs were able to win the 2021 national crown.

But as Georgia prepares to face Oregon in the season opener on Saturday, Logue admits last year’s defensive success is something this year’s unit would like to leave in the past. However, that was easier said than done.

“It’s getting old,” Logue said. “It’s a compliment, but you know, you kind of want to step in and create your own legacy. So I sort of see it two ways, but I try to put it in the past and look towards this year.

… Later, Logue talked about being ready to face a different opponent and said he was tired of hitting Georgia’s offensive line.

As a follow-up, Logue was asked specifically who he was most tired of hitting.

“Man, I’d probably say big Devin Willock. He’s a man,” Logue said. “That’s 335 pounds full man right there. You get that in a double team, it’s a lot to deal with.

Highlights from the Kirby Smart Press Conference

… Thunderstorms forced the Bulldogs indoors for the final two-thirds of Tuesday’s practice.

“We wanted to be out in the field all day, but we only got about a third of it because of the storms,” ​​Smart said. “There were no problems, however, when we got inside, as the red zone was the focus today.”

…Smart said they will decide later this week if Will Mushchamp Where Glenn Schuman will be in the press box for Saturday’s game.

…Smart said the second defensive back Javon Bullard has been “a ball hawk” all camp. Smart said Bullard – who mainly worked at star – has impressed with his physique and toughness and comes to work every day.

… Regarding the tight end Arik Gilbert, Smart said: “It’s hard to gauge how close he is to where he needs to be. The sky is the limit, but it has to be consistent. No one wants it more than him.

… Smart paid a nice compliment to the freshman linebacker Milestone Walker: “He is a hard and physical player. He plays both as an inside backer and as a rusher in the sub-packs. Smart also notes that Walker is a coach’s son, something close to his heart. “He’s going to be one hell of a player,” Smart said.

More accessories for McIntosh

… By all accounts, running back Kenny McIntosh had a great pre-season month.

Center Sedrick Van Pran can testify to that. When asked what the biggest difference was in the seniors compared to last year, Van Pran had a lot to say.

“How explosive he is,” he said. “It’s amazing how you can give this guy an inch, just a hole, he can take it 70 yards. That’s something we learned during our team running times, through our scrimmages, anyway. If you give this guy a hole, he can shake things up.

…Van Pran also answered a question about which young Georgian players he thinks will make headlines.

“I’m excited about a lot of young guys. Mikel (williams), there are Pops (Jamon Dumas Johnson) … I know he’s not one of the youngest, but I’m excited about the growth he’s taken,” Van Pran said. “He did a good job aligning our defence, knowing the missions and taking control from the front.”

Second-year cornerback Kamara Lassiterwho is expected to open opposite Kelee Ringo, has also been an eye opener.

“I’m really excited about Kamari,” Van Pran said. “I call him ‘Lockdown’. He’s my guy, but I’m excited about all these guys and I want to see them succeed.

‘Big Beefy’ continues to push Nolan Smith

Lassiter isn’t the only Bulldog with a new nickname.

outside linebacker Robert Beal Jr. apparently has one too, courtesy of Nolan Smith.

“Big Beefy,” he brings a lot of things,” Smith said. “He brings a lot to my game in terms of how he pushes me to be better. We push each other every day. »

Beal Jr. led the Bulldogs last year with 6.5 sacks.

“It boosted his confidence,” Smart said. “He’s very confident in the system now, and we’re confident in him because of the playing time he’s gained. He’s had a really good side. He’s playing physically, he’s playing hard. He’s created a great opportunity.”

Don’t ask about offensive line starters, dadgum it

No, Smart didn’t REALLY say that, but he might as well.

Although fans and the media may want to know, Smart doesn’t bother to answer questions about potential starters when those decisions haven’t been made.

So when Smart was asked if he knew who would be opening guard on Saturday, his answer was predictable.

“I know that’s all you want to know is who’s going to start, but there’s a bunch of guys there in between diviner (Willock), Jared (Wilson), Tate (Ratledge), and (xavier) framework who all pass there,” Smart said. “Micah (Morris) gets repetitions, Dylan (Fairchild) gets repetitions, and Warren Ericson replaced some in custody,” Smart said. “So it’s not a question of, okay, it’s going to be these two guys. It’s going to be the guys who will play and train the best, and at the moment we haven’t decided who is going to take the first snap so everyone can talk about who took the first snap. We’ll watch and say, who’s playing the best in the game and giving us the best opportunity.

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