Funday Sunday: Independence Day Edition

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Elmo receives a vasectomy in PSA on preventing unwanted pregnancies (onion)

NEW YORK—In an effort to raise awareness of medical procedure after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Sesame Workshop released a public service announcement Thursday about preventing unwanted pregnancies in which Elmo was undergoing a vasectomy. “There was a little pinch, but it was okay,” said Elmo, who explained to viewers that the elective surgical procedure for male sterilization was over 99% safe and effective in preventing pregnancy, making it a great option for people who don’t. currently want to have children. “Elmo was very scared at first, but the nice nurse told Elmo that the doctor can cancel the vasectomy when I’m ready to be a dad. It only took 15 minutes to make the two incisions on my scrotum and then cut! Elmo is sterile now! Elmo then asked neighborhood kids to help him count to seven to show viewers how many days of recovery it would take before he could have sex again.

We could use a little Onion-type humor after what SCOTUS has done to us and the planet.

A) Which Trump pal came out when he tweeted “Contrary to her perjury, she was never present when I asked for forgiveness.”?

B) The SCOTUS ruled that which organization must enact precise environmental rules on Thursday?

C) Some disasters last week. One involved a collision between a train and a dump truck at an unmarked RR crossing in what condition?

D) The other disaster involved the attempted smuggling of aliens into the United States in what type of transportation in ultra-hot Texas?

E) The 50th star was added to the American flag on July 4 of what year?

F) Just a reminder that our neighbors to the north also celebrate their day to become a country (Canada Day) in July on what date each year?

G) Which American basketball player was tried Friday in Russia on what appears to be a false drug charge?

H) Twenty-five years ago, on July 1, what territory did Britain return to China?

I) The nation was in turmoil on Tuesday when which young aide to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, revealed highly damaging information about the insurgency?

J) Immediately following this testimony, the January 6 committee issued a subpoena for which Trump aide?

K) John Adams felt that Independence should be celebrated on July 2 since that is the day when what happened?

L) July 1, 1863 was the start of what major Civil War battle?

M) Which far-right news site said Trump was “unfit to be close to power again”?

N) The Big Ten will get much bigger over the next few seasons as it looks like both schools will be applying for membership?

O) In a chilling development, SCOTUS has announced that it will hear a case next year that would allow which body to decide how a state’s electoral votes are cast?

P) Who signed his name in large letters on the Declaration of Independence?

Q) Finland and Sweden were officially invited to join NATO after which member dropped their objections?

R) Which country defaulted on its foreign debt when it failed to pay $100 million in interest?

S) What part of the transport industry is experiencing major problems due to a lack of personnel?

T) How many people lived in the United Colonies on July 4, 1776?

The last seven years have been the hottest seven years on record, you fucking morons. – LeTweetDeDieu

And SCOTUS neutralizes the EPA!

Hats off to


A) Rudi Giuliani

B) Congress instead of the EPA

C) Mo.

D) A semi-trailer

E) 1960

F) July 1

G) Britney Griner

H) Hong Kong

I) Cassidy Hutchison

J) Pat Cippolone

K) Congress declared independence. The statement was released on July 4.

L) Gettysburg

M) the Washington Examiner

N) Southern California and UCLA

O) the state legislature – and so democracy will die

P) John Hancock

Q) Turkey

A) Russia

S) Airlines

T) 2.5 million

it’s still kind of crazy that we let Putin have three choices on the Supreme Court. – Jeff Tiedrich

Hats off to

Please have a safe fourth

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