Friday Blog: Getting colder and a look on the road. -Doug

Getting colder and a look at the road. -Doug

We arrived on Friday and are getting ready for the weekend. First off, I’ll be doing the winter forecast on Thursday, December 2nd. We’ve just completed the first cycle of the new Heady Pattern. Now that we’ve been through a cycle, I fully understand what to expect for winter and spring. I started to set it up, but wanted to let you guys now when to expect it. Also, keep in mind that my long term forecast is posted below.

Okay morning showers for us on Friday.

I expect most of them to be out of here by dawn, which is good. But it will be a cool and windy Friday.

Friday afternoon

Highs will struggle to reach 50 degrees in the afternoon. Then a pretty good frost on Friday night.

Saturday morning

Saturday is shaping up to be good, just a little chilly.

Saturday afternoon

However, back to the 70s on Tuesday! Our next system with decent rain chances will arrive next Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms.

Wednesday afternoon

Long-term forecast below.


Next Friday and Saturday: Cool temperatures with showers on Saturday.

November 21-27: A cold start but a good warm-up mid-week until Thanksgiving. Then we get noticeably colder by Black Friday. Showers Sunday, then return at the end of Wednesday with the risk of a thunderstorm for Thanksgiving. Rain or maybe snow on Black Friday.

From November 28 to December 4: Sweet a good part of the week. We will tend to be cooler for Thursday and Saturday, however. We will be monitoring the chances of light rain on Tuesday and rain for Wednesday. Another system will bring storms t for Friday and showers for Saturday.

December 5-11: Cool for Sunday before getting colder for Monday. Wednesday cool before turning mild for Thursday and Friday. Cool again by Saturday. We will have a chance of rain on Sunday. Dry for much of the week until chances of rain returned on Friday and Saturday.

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