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The latest Drought Monitor was released this morning, taking into account data up to Tuesday September 13th. It shows worsening drought conditions in Hawkeye State, with two-thirds considered at least abnormally dry. About 41% is under moderate drought and nearly a quarter of the state is under severe drought. Extreme drought covers 6% of the state, down from 2% last week.

Locally, the extreme drought adds to Washington County/Keokuk and is the worst we have experienced this season. A moderate drought is affecting Tama and Iowa counties. Areas north of Highway 20 and our eastern counties have had heavy rains this season and are unranked.

Local drought.png

Here’s a look at how the drought classifications have changed from week to week.


This month of September was dry until the midpoint with all 4 majors below average. Cedar Rapids is unofficial as last weekend’s rain needs to be filled in the data.

Rain Monthly Statistics.png

We are near average for the year in Waterloo, but about 5 to 7.5 inches below average for Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Still, most numbers look better than last year, except in Iowa City.

Humidity Comparison.png

There is a chance of rain in the 10-day forecast, mainly this weekend, then maybe at the end of next week.

10 day forecast PM.png

The 7-day rainfall forecast shows chances of about an inch of precipitation.

QPF 7 days.png

The 6-10 day forecast for September 21-25, which includes the first day of fall, shows a possibility of below normal precipitation.

Outlook Rainfall 6-10 Day.png

The 8-14 day forecast for September 23-29 also shows a decent chance of below normal rainfall.

Outlook Precipitation 8-14 Day.png

The outlook for October? Also dry.


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