Competition opens to replace Saint-François County viral seal

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  • County of Saint-François
  • A mocked masterpiece, the viral seal of the County of Saint-François is undergoing an overhaul.

Artist known as St. Francis County Presidential Commissioner Harold Gallaher has revealed an open competition to replace the now-famous internet design he created for the County Seal in 2018.

That seal went viral last week, as Reddit and Twitter users united in gleefully mocking its dense collection of misaligned symbols, text and image types. It features a bald eagle tilted over a waving American flag, which also serves as the background for a crossed pickax and shovel, in front of which Gallaher managed to find room to store a county map and a Bible. and a cross.

After his design went viral, Gallaher described his 2018 work on the piece as a “rushed deal” which is “positive proof that I am not inclined to art.”

Although cluttered, Gallaher’s design used the same elements that appeared on the previous county seal. Even amid the online mockery, one Reddit user made his own overhaul by showing how he could still showcase the entire Patriotic collection without looking like a clip art project.

During Tuesday night’s St. Francis County Commission meeting, Gallaher unveiled the guidelines for the competition – and made it clear that entries would not be limited by the seals of the past.

Instead, an anonymous panel of seven judges will make the selection. The winner will receive a $ 100 visa gift card, although Commissioners were quick to point out that the money was donated and was not coming from taxpayers.

As for Gallaher, he seems to have taken everything in hand. During Tuesday’s meeting, he said he had received emails about the seal from as far away as Australia and added that he spent an hour on Monday being interviewed by the Washington Post.

“She would ask me, ‘Why did you choose this on your seal?’ and I was like, “I don’t know,” “he said with a laugh. “I have fun with emails. People are very polite and very nice. It’s funny what’s going on. I appreciate it.”

As published by the Online Daily Journal, the competition rules do not include any requirement for reuse of existing design components. Entries must be accompanied by a signed legal disclaimer and drawings must be submitted in color and black and white. The county “reserves the right to make changes if necessary”.

Still, with viral fame already in play, Gallaher has expressed some concern about the content of the new designs. He stressed that the seven judges would be responsible for “checking and ensuring that there are no hidden messages”, and advised: “They should take out the magnifying glass”.

The competition is hosted on the Daily Journal website. Learn more about entering your design at and search for the St. Francis County Seal Design Competition.

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