Comet Leonard passes close to Earth | Weather blog

Today, a comet is making its closest passage to Earth, but it is not close enough to be threatening. Comet Leonard will pass us about 21 million kilometers away, but it will be the brightest comet we have seen in 2021. Even so, you will probably need binoculars to see it; it may not be bright enough to see with only your eyes.

One of the coolest parts of this is that Comet Leonard was just discovered earlier this year! It is on its way to the sun so the future of Comet Leonardo is less certain. New research suggests that instead of reaching the end of its orbit on January 3, 2022 and turning around, it could be thrown out of our solar system.

If you’re looking for it tonight or Monday night, you’ll have to wait to spot it on the eastern horizon before sunrise. After Tuesday you want to look for it in the southwest sky after sunset near the horizon. Monday or Tuesday will probably be the days when he looks the brightest here on Earth to us, so those would be the best days to look for him. The comet will barely move, so it can look more like a star through binoculars. If you sit and watch for a few hours, you might notice a little movement. This will be your only chance to see this comet in your lifetime because its orbit is so large and its future uncertain.

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