Blog: Times are increasing. So is the pollen!

For the past two weeks we have had cool temperatures with a brief heat wave.

High temperatures in the past 2 weeks

I was a little surprised when I saw this chart this morning of the number of days well below average. However, when I think about it, we’ve had a cool spring so far. A few days ago we talked about Easter being cooler than last Christmas and New Years.

Today we’re going to start a warming trend, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting cold air anytime soon. The anticyclone is sliding seaward. This finally allows the wind to turn from the south.

Regional weather map

We have lots of sun this morning, and we will have some clouds coming in from the west this afternoon.

tower camera

With the light southerly wind, temperatures may reach nearly 70 degrees later in the day. We will always be dry.

Forecast Weather Today

No doubt we will have good weather outside!

Outdoor forecast

A disappointment however is that the pollen levels are also increasing. So tree pollen is high today and grass pollen is about in the top category.

Pollen Forecast (Today)

I’ve noticed that due to recent cool spells, my warm weather weed hasn’t really arrived yet. However, cool weather grasses do well as do fescues. The pollen level will increase a bit more tomorrow as we warm up again. Tomorrow’s high temperatures will be in the low-mid 70s. We will be mostly sunny. There will be a cool front later in the day, but this will not have a significant effect on the weather. The wind will turn northeast in the afternoon, but we will stay dry. This will make predictions tricky on Saturday. The front will stall near our region. Our forecast model keeps us on the warm side of the front. However, other models keep us on the cooler side. Here is what Future Trak shows.

Forecast Weather Saturday

Notice the cooler pocket in the northeast mid-Atlantic. So a difference of about 20 miles in the front could mean the difference between the top 70s and the bottom 80s or 70s. I’m calling low 70s right now, but I’ll be happy to raise before that. Either way, it should be fine.

I am convinced that we will have more warming on Sunday and Monday. High temperatures will be near 80 degrees. We will be dry during this period. We will have a cold front movement next Tuesday. This will give us our first chance for rain. For now, it’s a slim chance though. Stay tuned for updates.


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