Blog: It’s our turn for the heat wave.

Heat waves are increasing in the northern hemisphere this summer. There have been several heat waves in the central and western United States over the past two months. There’s another one happening out there this week and it could be brutal. They are also in the midst of an extreme heat wave in Europe where some of the hottest temperatures on record are being recorded. There have already been around 1,000 heat-related deaths in Portugal and Spain. It wasn’t as deadly in the US

So far this summer, we have had periodic bursts of cooler air in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Midwest.

weather pattern lately

However, this week the jetstream will push north into Canada. This will allow the heat to slide eastward throughout the week.

Weather pattern this week

We started our heat wave yesterday with high temperatures in the 90s over much of the area.

High temperatures yesterday

We are going to heat a few degrees more today. Thus, high temperatures will reach the low and mid 90s.

It will again be in the 100s over the central United States. Our local heat index will be near 100 later today.

Heat Index Forecast

It will be partly cloudy with just a few showers or isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. There is a warm front to the north with a cold front to the northwest.

Regional weather map

Tomorrow this front will try to move in our direction, but it will collapse before it gets here. So our high temperatures will stay in the low-mid 90s.

Expected weather tomorrow

It will be in the 100s and 110s in the west. Our local heat index will be near or above 100. As this front collapses, some of its energy will drift into our region. So we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon.

The high pressure will dominate the middle of the week. We will therefore be partly cloudy with only a shower or a parasitic thunderstorm. The heat will continue to rise. High temperatures will target the upper 90s in the metro with hundreds likely inland. This will push the heat index into the 105-110 degree range. When the National Weather Service expects a heat index within this range, it will issue a heat advisory. It is therefore possible, even probable, by the middle of the week. We will stay in the 90s until next weekend. So, I hope your AC is in good working order. Be sure to stay hydrated and take plenty of shade breaks. Keep this in mind for pets as well.

It’s still calm in the Atlantic in terms of the tropics.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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