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Hope you were able to rest over the long weekend as the transit press is back on congestion pricing. Here’s a quick list of the angles they’ve worked on:

  • It was going to happen: The state’s GOP began campaigning against congestion pricing, The Post reports. (And with the editorial board of the Post whine furiously on that, you can be sure the newspaper will ride that horse until he’s dead.) But never fear: Across the Hudson, Phil Murphy and Josh Gottheimer will keep the opposition bipartite.
  • gothamist ran down the most common misconceptions about congestion pricing were aired at the MTA’s marathon hearings.
  • Politics, on the other hand, examined Why “[f]From Stockholm to Singapore, taxing urban drivers is fashionable and working.
  • Streetsblog of course looked at Uber’s recent statement to customers, which had a very anti-congestion pricing flavor for a company that belongs to the Congestion Pricing Now coalition.

In other news;

  • WPIX band Sunday’s two fatal hit-and-runs: one in Times Square and the other on Riverside Drive.
  • The driver who struck and killed a man on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn remained at the scene and has not been charged. (News12)
  • Post office too round weekend traffic violence.
  • amNY took an exclusive ride with the city sheriff’s office while towing ghost cars in Brooklyn.
  • The temperature made it easy once again about upcoming transit changes.
  • city ​​limits look at the DOT’s “Cool Corridor” program to combat heat islands.
  • NYC Transit’s Richard Davey wants to be a help for school kids and commuters, and he’s launching a weekly newsletter to notify straphangers of weekend service changes, he wrote in an oped amNY. amNY opened its arms to the MTA brass, providing a friendly venue for Janno Lieber, among others. That’s fine, but we wish the parts were a bit sharper. (If they were, maybe we’d even make one!)
  • Lime take a lap of honor for its “Lime to the Polls” free scooter ride initiative for Bronx primary voters.
  • Finally, our favorite “bartoonist” recovered in the Village Sun, writing about the downtown outpost of The Bronx Brewery.

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