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This is our December donation campaign.  Help us stay on these important stories.  Click here or on the icon above.
This is our December donation campaign. Help us stay on these important stories. Click here or on the icon above.

Admit it, you buy too much crap.

Well, just in time for the holidays, the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board has released a list of organizations that either accept your unwanted items or help you fix them.

The Sanitation Department also has a DonateNYC program, which you can visit here.

The point is, if it works, donate it. If that doesn’t work, fix it and then give it away.

“Many Zero Waste strategies do not include an essential element; that of reducing new materials generated, ”said Chairman of the Advisory Board, Matt Civello. “Keeping things in circulation longer can have a big impact on New York City’s huge waste problem. It helps our environment by transporting fewer trucks and emitting less greenhouse gases, wasting less, and helping people’s budgets by making needed goods available at lower prices.

So just like driving, if you have a car, drive less, drive small, don’t drive.

Now let’s move on to today’s headlines:

  • It’s Ydanis! Post reporter David Meyer recounted that Eric Adams chose council member Ydanis Rodriguez to be the commissioner of the Department of Transport, but we followed very quickly, with a definitive reaction article. The Daily News followed up with Adams’ full statement, calling Rodriguez “proven leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves on day one and fix these issues, with a focus on making public transit more efficient. fair and efficient for all New Yorkers. ”PoliticsNY also covered.
  • And Clarence Eckerson Jr. has had a string of his favorite Rodriguez Streetfilms appearances over the years:
  • Blasio’s pre-post-mortems continue, this time with Gothamist weighing in on the mayor’s Vision Zero dossier, which, as you might expect, is mixed.
  • Now sit back and you’ll hear a story… a story of MTA clowns, a secretly bought boat with just the perfect name, and some Inspector General’s tabloid gold. (NYDN, NY Post, amNY)
  • Channeling her inner Cuomo, Governor Hochul said she wants the port authority to explore the widening of the Outerbridge crossing, which any traffic planner will tell you will only make traffic worse. (amNY)
  • Last night, inside Town Hall, Mayor de Blasio continued to say he would not own a car after returning to his Park Slope home next month. But when interviewed by Errol Louis of NY1, de Blasio seemed to leave a loophole to borrow someone else’s car for those Costco errands. (Sally Goldenberg via Twitter)
  • Crain’s deepened the freight industry. Take-out (because it’s paid): Parcel deliveries are hitting 2.3 million per day, up from 1.8 million before the pandemic, and the city’s 111 neighborhood loading zones just aren’t enough. Blasio’s administration seeks to create around 700 more … by 2026.
  • The Times left its mark on the death of town planner Alexander Garvin.
  • And, finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t honor yesterday’s contributors to our December annual fundraising campaign, which included some pretty beefy Hamiltons and generous Benjamins: Thank you, Charles! Thanks, Park Slope Day Camp! Thanks, Jacques!

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