A Groundhog Edition – Streetsblog New York City

Despite what various groundhogs said earlier this month, winter seems to be over; this morning could be the last cold weather you will feel in some time. We will hit a high of 33 degrees today, then the high temperatures will increase by about 10 degrees per day until Friday when some rain will cool us down a bit.

But for now, on to the news:

  • Could the Pulp Pipeline finally be shut down? Texas is apparently about to make it harder for fake car dealerships to print temporary paper license plates. (CNB4)
  • Mayor Adams invests more money in the Fair Fares program than its predecessor “Tale of Two Cities”. (gothamist, NYDN)
  • There’s a new Staten Island ferry in town: the Michael Ollis! It is the first of three new boats that should be launched this year. (NYDN)
  • The post office really paid attention to a near-fatal car accident…because it involved a Maryland “beauty pageant queen” and New York Fashion Week.
  • Our architectural friend John Massengale writes about the negative toll Big Real Estate has on New York. (common edge)
  • And another Streetsblog friend, Doug Gordon, wrote an art story in the Guardian about super cool anti-car poster artist Klaus Staeck.
  • We were happy to see our former Streetsblog USA colleague, Angie Schmitt, quoted in The Times late night coverage of the pedestrian death crisis – and happy to see her keep the pro-car organ honest. It’s all too easy to blame the ‘pandemic’ for the latest increase in road violence, given that the increase in deaths outside cars is a trend that has been going on for a decade.
  • An Acela train bound for Penn Station was stuck in Queens for hours and hours on Monday. (CNB4)
  • From the Assignment Desk: Uptown Council Member Carmen De La Rosa will speak about public transit after a “tour” of substandard transit stations in her district of Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill with DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez and others. The fun starts at 11:15 a.m. at the 191st Street station.
  • And, finally, the family of April Reign, the moped who was run over and killed by a bus driver along Eastern Parkway earlier this month, have set up a GoFundMe page for his young daughter, Samantha.

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