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Rohan Browning’s quest for a Commonwealth Games medal continues after he qualified for the men’s 100m final.

Browning soared nearly the entire competition in his semifinal, finishing second with a blistering time of 10.17 seconds.

He finished behind Akani Simbine, who was first on the line with a time of 10.07 seconds.

Browning is the first Australian to qualify for the men’s 100m final since Aaron Rouge-Serret achieved the feat in 2010.

Channel 7 commentator Tamsyn Manou was delighted with Browning.

“That’s what we wanted,” Manou said.

“It’s exactly what we expected from Rohan. He passed every part of this race. Well done, he’s in the history books, he made the final.

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Rohan Browning will take to the track in the men’s 100m on day six of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

‘The Flying Mullet’ had yet to find their stride in 2022 after bursting onto the world stage at last year’s Olympic rounds, but after clocking 10.1 seconds to win their 100 round m Tuesday, he announced his return to the track.

“I always planned to run that hard lap, at this level you have to treat every lap with respect, but there are still two laps to come,” Browning said after his blistering run on Tuesday.

“I don’t want a repeat of Tokyo where I was in the semis. I want to save some dry powder for the finals.

He said part of his rebound from the world championships was the “humiliating” factor of not reaching the semi-finals.

“I try not to take it to heart,” he said.

“There’s always that element of humiliation when you’re exhausted in the heats, but just try to bounce back and not take it to heart and believe the form is there, it’s just in the execution. I think I tapped into a good vein of form.


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